Date: 19th July 2016 at 4:42pm
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Saturday 16 July saw the Supporters Cooperative hold a meeting of members at the Armoury Public House. In truth the attendance was not great, but then save in times of massive crisis within the Club, it was pretty much ‘ever thus’

Supporters Cooperative / SCFC Board Meetings.

Amongst the first items discussed was the fact that due to a combination of factors the Club, whilst anxious to maintain the closest contacts with the Supporters Coop as the largest supporters grouping around, have been looking at ways to streamline existing arrangements.

In this respect future formal contacts will be a mix of??

Attendance at Club Board Meetings and Six Weekly Meetings at which questions flagged up in advance can be discussed and hopefully set on the way to being sorted.

The Chairman indicated that questions submitted by members will be thus aired via one or other of the above channels.

Players Fund/ Shares for Donations.

Moving on?.. the meeting discussed the fact that Chris Bramhall had indicated that the arrangement whereby he donated shares ( 1 share to every £2 donated) was only ever intended to run for 12 months and it had actually now run for 2years . He now wished this to cease.

The Chairman said that Mr Bramhall should be thanked for the gesture that had thus far benefited both the Club and the Supporters Cooperative which now held shares in the Club on behalf of Supporters.

He also advised that the Supporters Cooperative is in the process of initiating talks with the Club on the issue, in collaboration with Help the Hatters, with a view to the supporters contributions( to the Players Fund) being suitably acknowledged going forward.

The question was asked from the floor as to whether the other shareholders might be asked to `chip in` `in a similar manner to the way Mr Bramhall had previously. The Chairman indicated he would take this idea forward along with any other reasonable suggestion that may surface before we meet the Club or its representatives.

Cryptic Ales.

The Chairman drew the meetings attention to the work that Dave Marchbank had undertaken resulting in some significant pluses likely to boost the Guardian Account.

These included?.

Agreement with the Cryptic Brewery to donate 50p per pint of The Ghost, the award winning beer produced in cooperation between Cryptic and the Supporters Cooperative, at the Spinning Top.

On the question of Spinning Top??it was noted with satisfaction that Phil Robinson had negotiated a deal with the public house that provided for a substantial donation to the Guardian Account from the pubs takings on home match day evenings up until 8pm.

This is additional to the 50p Ghost arrangement, and the meeting indicated a need to congratulate Phil on his great effort ! County supporters are urged to support this excellent initiative.

The Chairman agreed that publicity would be forthcoming to advise fans where `The Ghost` can be found..


Damian Beaumont gave a report of progress on this subject confirming that, thanks to much hard work by Billy Byrne, the new system was now in place and working well. Lapsed members were now being contacted and actual membership was on the up.

Membership was circa 500, whilst the proportion of this number fully paid up was approx 100 fewer than this number. We were working to reduce this shortfall with a view, ultimately, to aiming at 1000 members.

The Meeting agreed that warm congratulations be recorded to Billy Byrne for his efforts.

Hatters Half Marathon.

John Giles reported that 342 runners had signed up to date, an increase of 100% on the figure at this time last year. We are aiming for 700 which will ensure a decent donation to the Guardian Account.

Fixed Costs are high and the race is necessarily very labour intensive thus there is a definite need for another 30 volunteers to help out on the day. People volunteering should email John on

John also highlighted the need for distribution of the race fliers, and members were urged to spread the word by taking some fliers and getting them sited in pubs and suchlike. These can be obtained from either John or Ian Brown.

John indicated, in response to questions, that residents would be made aware of the upcoming race and the likely issues this will raise.

In addition there was a need for working party`s to tend and trim the shrubbery along the Trans Pennine Trail. Dates for these were set for Sundays 21 and 28 August ,County fans were urged to volunteer for these and anyone with suitable cutting equipment should please contact John Giles or Dave Marchbank.

There will also be Marshal`s Meetings on 20 & 29 August ( both post match dates) in the Bung. These briefing sessions whilst not compulsory, as briefing will be done on the day also, they proved very useful last year and volunteers are urged to support them if possible.

Quiz Night.

It was reported that we were trying to arrange this for an early season date at the Bungalow.

Piece of Cake.

This was to be held 10 September .


Phil Robinson has again done brilliant work in arranging an `All Day Event` at the Spinning Top involving live bands who will be playing throughout the day on 11 September . Again please note?.a substantial donation from takings will go the Guardian Account so please support this event!

Christmas Cavort

Set for 17 December- venue to be decided but possibly at the Robinsons Brewery in the prestigious `Unicorn Bar`

At the conclusion of John`s report, the Chairman appealed for members to please help John and Dave the Events Team. They were working very hard and were producing great results, but needed extra hands to help out.

Any volunteer can commit to as much or as little involvement as they wish but they would be giving valuable support to the small events team organising events that raise significant sums for the Guardian Account.

County Cricket Match.

This will be held at the Offerton Cricket Club on 31 July 2016 . Gates open 12.30/ 1.30 start.

There would be a raffle in support of sufferers of Locked in Syndrome`, and the Supporters Cooperative were invited to have a presence on the day via a stall or similar.

County Evening.

Ian Lancashire suggested an evening in aid of the GA/Players Fund. Charging £20 per table for an event with speakers and a comedian. Ian was invited to the next Supporters Cooperative Board Meeting to discuss further.

Photo with Cheshire Senior Cup & Jim Gannon.

Ian again outlined his thoughts on this one emphasising the need to utilise this iconic trophy whilst we have it. Ian again accepted an invitation to discuss this further with the Supporters Cooperative Board at their next meeting.

Memorial Day.

The Chairman drew the meetings attention to the fact that this important event was being held this year on 5 August at the Royal Scot on Marple Bridge from midday onwards.

Members were urged to support this unique occasion to which the Supporters Cooperative would again be sending a suitable wreath.

Moving Forward Document.

Clarification was sought as to what the position was in respect of this. The Chairman indicated that although a Fans Forum had been mooted by the Club this had not thus far been finalised. It was agreed to pursue ,and since the meeting the Club have suggested 4 August as a date for the Fans Forum.

Edgeley Park & Booth Street Car Park.

Concern was expressed as to what was happening at the Booth Street Car Park ,it was felt that clarification on this, and what the future plans were for Edgeley Park was needed.

It was agreed to seek information as to what plans were in the pipeline.


A date of Thursday 17 November has been agreed upon for the AGM, to be held at the Bung.

Stockport County Supporters Cooperative