Date: 4th October 2013 at 8:25am
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In response to legitimate requests from members and those about to join, the Board of the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative has agreed to put the date of the Supporters Cooperative AGM back by a month to the end of November.

Precise details of the date will follow this announcement as soon as possible along with other relevant details ( timetables for nominations etc)which are being worked on now , but the intention is to ensure members democratic rights are safeguarded and that they can participate to the fullest extent.

The Board also considered the Club`s response to our request for a statement and has agreed the following reply:-

Stockport County Supporters Co-operative is disappointed with the Club`s response to our call for a statement to inform the fans about plans to resolve the current problems. 

Given that one of the complaints has been the lack of information coming from the Club , the Co-op can hardly be blamed for not being fully conversant with current developments.

Indeed, we would hope that seeking ways of reviving the Club is at the heart of all current activity.


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  • Come on County board. What’s the plan? Where is the vision? How are we to move forward out of this awful position we find ourselves in? ANSWERS PLEASE.

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