Date: 18th March 2010 at 7:33pm
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You have to love the Football League. After months and months of silence and riddles and rejected take-over bids, we’re finally spoken to. By the chairman as well, can you believe it?!

That’s right, after almost a year of administration and a dark cloud hanging over Edgeley Park and all of us associated, we’ve finally gotten a word out of the bods in charge of the whole thing.

Lord Brian Mawhinney, leaving his post in April, spoke to BBC in their Late Kick Off programme about wage caps and the amount of money being plundered into football, and was asked about County’s situation. And, his insightful response was this.

‘If I was a Stockport fan, there would have been an element of concern for some time.’

Oh. Great. Of course, for the past 11 months, we’ve been cock-a-hoop and delighted with the whole thing, but now you tell us we should be worried?!

How nice it would have been for some (ANY) people to keep us updated with the whole thing. An organisation charged with overseeing things, perhaps? Can anyone think of such a body that could have kept us informed of what was happening?

Hmmm. Maybe we should ask Lord Brian.

Thanks for everything Mr Mawhinney. Sir.


3 Replies to “Departing Mawhinney’s Warning”

  • Shows how on the ball they are really. Are we to become a Chester or a Maidstone ? Starting to get angry now. When will the all hands to the pumps cry to the fans to raise cash come? Cant be too far off now I would have thought.

  • ra-ra-roger, I really hope not, too many team are going to the wall, somthing needs to be done and I think part of it maybe the silly transfer system whereby clubs in trouble should be able to deal throughout the season in order to keep gpoing and perhaps make money at the same time.

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