Date: 16th February 2012 at 10:33am
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Jim Gannon would prefer a move away from Edgeley Park should the opportunity arise was one of the statements that provoked the most debate last night at the Blossoms.

Speaking on the subject of a new stadium, Gannon commented that even if Edgeley Park was given to us, it would require a lot of maintenance and that he would prefer a new stadium with revenue split between County & Sale Sharks.

On the subject of Sale Sharks, Jim said he thought it was extremely unlikely that Sale would move to Salford’s Rugby League stadium next year as Brian Kennedy is still negotiating a deal.

Moving onto the subject of the squad and training, Gannon is happy that he has improved the professionalism and quality of players that he has to work with.

He is also proud of the fact he has saved County in the region of £100,000 since being in charge in November.

Gannon turned the subject to the fans, and said that the he always had in mind the long term loyalty of the fans. He wanted to reward them in some way, something he constantly reminds the board off.

He went on to make it clear he wasn’t going to set ridiculous targets when trying to attract season ticket holders next season. Instead he wanted the fans to know they are watching a team get built and that they knew they could watch good Football.

Friday night is County night could return in the future with police bills being much less for fixtures on a Friday night. Less travelling support at night matches mean that the police would not be able to justify sending £3-£4,000 worth of police support for a game against a Newport. Gannon is looking at a Friday night game this season.

There were several other topics discussed on a busy night. County will be looking to move away from Manor Farm and the Centre of Excellence is likely to end with the new rules the FA have brought in.

All in all a good night was had, Jim was open and honest and the fans present went away knowing a lot more about their club.

In Jim we trust.


6 Replies to “Gannon: I’d prefer a move from Edgeley Park”

  • Move from EP – is he mad? I love it!! Never been to one of these Forums. Were the questions mainly about the survival of the club and the finances or did JG discuss the squad and whether or not he’s trying to get any more players out/in?

  • As a Miller it wrenched my heart out when we moved out of Millmoor – I still go past quite often and have a smile to myself. But, we’ve watched our new stadium being built and it is exciting.

  • Have to seriously agree with PRB. EP without SCFC am I living a nightmare? unthinkable, but now I’ve said that unless a rich lunatic with pots of dosh moves to Edgeley I think we’ve more chance of getting **** out of a rocking horse, will we get a ground within Stockport central? or are the poor suffering fans going to have to finance more expense to get to the new ground wherever that may be? (Woodley?). Am I in a minority here because I live away from EP and I’m possibly not seeing the practicalities cause I have my sentimental glasses on?.

  • *Ian Paisley voice on* Move from EP. Never. Never. Never. Too much of my enjoyment comes before and after the game on Edgeley. To move would knock the guts out of my match day experience. Foam hands and comfy seating at Woodley or Bird Hall Lane will be the end for me. If that makes me fickle after all these years then so be it.

  • Born in Cale Green/Shaw Heath the thought of SCFC relocating doesn’t sit well at all but we need to move forward… idealy I would like to see the ground knocked down (some say it already has been) and rebuilt with the ground being moved further back towards the the vernon stand over the water thus creating more space on Hardcastle Street to build a main stand there is space behind the away goal as well…. anyway that’s in my dreams but given we dont own our ground anymore then that isn’t gonna happen anytime soon.

  • I don’t have a problem with a move away from E.P. If this means that the club as a whole can prosper then lets get on with it. Perhaps staying at E.P. may cost too much in overheads and repairs if County were to take it over. It has to be good for the club in the long run. I know that E.P. has a lot of memories for a lot of people but in this day and age we have to move with the times and look to the future.

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