Date: 25th November 2013 at 11:28am
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Lord Peter Snape stands down as Chairman of Stockport County.

Official site news Here

His time at Edgeley Park has been an unhappy time for all County fans.

The Chairman’s contribution to the well-being and development of the club is listed below:



6 Replies to “Lord Snape Goes”

  • Say what you want about Snape but I believe he is a fellow County fan. He presided over a shambles and I don’t recall too many positive contributions but I bet he still has a politicians nose for when to get the hell out. Crunch time before Christmas for the club anyone?

  • Been away for a few days and come back to this news. Will it change things? Would a management team of JG and AL have still been in place in the Conference Premier League if Snape had gone instead of Jim? Who is running the club at a Board level now? What will happen to his “loans” into the club? Where to for the club now?

  • In reply to LGC I am hearing that Fern Spencer is coming back to the Club. Snape had to go as Fern wants all loans writing off
    before any investment into the Club is made and it is too this end that they hope to reach sooner rather than later otherwise it will be too late for this Season. Any chance of changing things
    relies heavily on the loans being written off now.
    Hopefully come New Year we will be in a better place.
    As for the Team it’s time to show some Pride & Passion and to Match the Fans or get out.

  • Despite all the calamitous cock-ups of recent times I still think Spencer Fearn has what it takes to push us forward (and get his money back). Am I just clutching at straws?

  • Make no mistake Mr Snape is a true County fan and played a major part in the clubs survival. However while I think his leadership has been with what he perceived as in the best interests of the club, his tenure has been a disaster not least the appointment of RM.

  • I agree NE, Mr Snape being a County Fan has never been in doubt but I think with hindsight even Mr Snape would have gone about things differently as him and the Board have made some howlers.

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