Date: 3rd March 2010 at 4:41pm
Written by:

Jim melrose and his consortium has finally agreed a deal to bring County out of administration and take over the running of the club.

While we’re still waiting for an official statement, I can tell you that administrators Paul Reeves and John Titley have agreed a deal with the Melrose Consortium at noon today, and Melrose and his men have signed on the dotted line.

The Football League will agree to transfer the Golden Share over to Melrose and his group, though they cannot announce this officially ’til the next FL meeting…next Thursday.

So, still we wait. I suppose this this time, we’re almost certain that they will agree the deal, we can’t be blamed for thinking ‘we’ve been here before.’

However, hypothetically the deal is pushed through next Thursday. It’s a new dawn. We’ve got a home game against Gillingham on the Saturday, and we need people there. More people.

A People’s Republic Of Stockport wave of stickers. Leaflets in shop windows. Anything. Many County fans have many ideas and we need some sort of meeting to arrange it.

Mark Maguire. He’s been vilified by every County fan for his actions as MD of the club, but like I said, it’s a new dawn. Forget the past, look forward. This man may have cocked up, but so did many others. It wasn’t intentional. They just weren’t businessmen. These men, Maguire, Beverly etc…there’s no reason why they can’t remain loyal County fans and turn up to games. We need to move on – these people deserve to be able to turn up to matches without being abused verbally etc, as long as they have no part in SCFC going forward then there’s no problem.

As I’ve said though…hypothetical.

We still have to WAIT. WAIT for next Thursday. WAIT for the Football League.

It’s all we’ve done for the past 10 months. We’ve been waiting since Jim Gannon and his staff were cut loose with no questions asked. We were waiting when Jim Melrose donned a County tracksuit and appointed Gary Ablett as manager. And today, as Leonard Curtis agree a deal with Melrose, we’re still waiting.

But this time, we can sense it coming to an end.

And the new Stockport County begins. It won’t be easy, of course it won’t. But beggars can’t be choosers. We have to support these people and stick with our team.

Animo Et Fide.