Date: 6th February 2014 at 11:22am
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Rhys Turner has left to join Oldham. ‘Undisclosed fee’ apparently.

Vital County would like to wish Rhys the best for the future.

Now, to many observers Turner was the brightest of prospects at the club. A player who could develop and move up the leagues with a resurgent Stockport County.

Of course the car-crash that is the club at the moment, playing semi-professional football in a regional league, cannot realistically hope to keep any shining stars.

So I was resigned to losing Turner but had hoped he would be here until the end of this season.

There is something else to this story of course.

Help The Hatters were instrumental in bringing the young man to our club in the first place. So what do Help The Hatters get for all the hard work they put in raising money for ‘projects’ like this?

Well, Help The Hatters (and Vital County’s!) Ian Brown clarifies the situation.

Ian Writes:


An update on the situation following the departure of Rhys Turner to Oldham.

Help the Hatters are proud of the part they played in bringing such a talented player to the Club- a move that has brought financial reward to County and helped the player progress.

You will recall that Help the Hatters covered the player`s wages throughout his time with us- a high risk move in many people`s opinion.

I am however happy to confirm that the deal concluded with Oldham allows for full recompense to be made to Help the Hatters for their outlay in the matter – so I can confirm that fears
that we would not be treated fairly following Rhy`s departure look ,happily, to be unfounded.

With HtH having the coffers replenished we are able to look to further support a young player in the future and so support Stockport County.

The format established with this deal does look strong and certainly worth doing again- hopefully with the same guarantees as far as cash out /back is concerned in place

I hope this update has been of interest to you.


Ian Brown


So there we have it. Help The Hatters are not ‘down on the deal’ and it is to be hoped further gems can be unearthed in the future.

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3 Replies to “Rhys Turner – HtH Clarification”

  • We are, always have been and probably always will be a selling club. That is a fact of life that we all have to accept. Any rising stars we must just enjoy their talent while they are here, be thankful of the rewards they bring to the club and be proud that we played a part in their rise to stardom.

  • Good comment NE, spot on mate couldn’t agree more. It’s a shame we have to operate this way but the prime aim is to keep the football club as our first concern and if we are lucky enough to find and develop these players then it has to be beneficial to them to further their career and profit wise for the club.

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