Date: 28th March 2014 at 4:02pm
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Good grief, the shareholders have spoken.

Or rather there has been a County board statement that mentions the shareholders.

To summarise….. something…something… some of them giving up their shares for a nominal fee … something.. something … others making shares available to a group of supporters.


Which shareholders are giving up their shareholding?
Which shareholders are making shares available to a ‘supporters group’?
Which supporters group might that be? The Co-op?
Which shareholders are going to continue to invest?

Oh.. and precisely 21 minutes later another announcement!

Season Tickets for next seasons exciting whatever-it-will-be-called part-time regional football league are going on sale!

Forgive me if I wait until I see something concrete happening before I even consider thinking about next season let alone committing to a Season Ticket.

Much more information and action needed County!

For those that want to read the statements:

Shareholders Update

Season Ticket Info



3 Replies to “Shareholders and Season Tickets”

  • No clue as to whether its a buy-back or a reduction in capital? Will have to be minuted I guess, if the Club Sec cares to share…

  • Have thy responded to the letter from the Coop registering an interest in the soon to be available shares?

  • …Which is why I asked: if it done as a Capital Reduction, the remaining shareholders would have greater influence AND the written-off shares wouldn’t be available to be sold to anyone
    Cynical, but not ruled out by the wording of the statement as far as I can tell (I’m not an accountant, though!)

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