Date: 6th May 2011 at 7:27pm
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The Board of Directors of Stockport County Football Club would like to clarify to our supporters the contribution the club makes towards the operating costs at Edgeley Park. The costs of running Edgeley Park are £750k per year which includes rates, utilities, maintenance, shared staff, ticket office, pitch costs and interest on stadium finance.

The share of the costs as agreed between Stockport County FC and Sale Sharks last summer are detailed below. (the figures in brackets represent in percentage terms of the overall costs)

·2010/11 – £135k (18%)

·2011/12 – £175k (23%)

·2012/13 – £240k (32%)

As Stockport County FC actually use the stadium for 60% of all games that are played at Edgeley Park this does represent a fair deal negotiated by the football club. The reality is that the football club’s contribution to costs is some way under half of the total costs of the shared stadium.

It is stepped up over the three years but this was agreed by the rugby club to give the new owners the best opportunity with the new business in the early years. Even at the year 3 level the contribution to costs by Stockport County FC is still under a third of the total stadium costs. Furthermore there is the strong possibility that rates, utilities etc may increase but Stockport County FC are not exposed to any such increases.

The two clubs continue to have a great working relationship and are working together on areas of cost reductions for both clubs and are implementing new revenue opportunities for Stockport County FC with regards to C&B and bar revenues. Both of these are without risk to Stockport County FC and have no costs attached to them.

Stockport County FC

Ridiculous. Time to fight dirty.


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  • Wow. Don’t know about being uncompetitive next season we may well fold with those costs. My mind is now made up. Kennedy is away to Salford – he will squeeze every last drop out of SCFC before selling the ground. Which genius on the board sighed up to this deal. Tomorrows protests at the game just got a little more energy I suspect.

  • If the Board of SCFC think thats a fair deal they are living on planet drongo!!!! When will they realise that they are being fleeced and ripped off by the parasite that is Kennedy!! Why dont SMBC slap a “recreation use only” clause on any future sale of EP (OR Tesco Park) to call Kennedys bluff! If EP is supposedly valued at 1.7 million why dont the council plan to lend County the money at a preferencial interset rate, pay Kennedy off and then we can start to redevelop the stadium for the good of the club and the Town?? Its a pipe dream – SMBC are so far up Kennedy’s a–e its untrue!! The Pied Parasitic Piper and the rats of the Town Hall springs to mind!

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