Date: 6th December 2011 at 10:51pm
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Tonight saw County’s game at home to Gateshead ending with a 1-0 defeate as result to a John Shaw goal in the 58th minute.

Tonight showed a defensive look to the county team something of which fans have not seen since the return of Jim. The county team was as followed 01 Glennon 02 Lynch (German 71) 03 Holden 05 O’Donnell 17 Hallsn25 Blackburn (Fraughan 87) 04 Routledge 07 McConville (Chusay 76) 18 Rowe 29 Cole 20 Elliott.

The county team looked strong in the first half and they might feel they went into halftime luckly at 0-0 as Gateshead’s striker Fisher misses the target as what the crowd called a ‘sitter’. County kept the ball in the first half and through this obtained 54% of the possession but only had one shot, this of which was off target.

County changed their tactics at the start of the second half seeing the full backs getting forward. On the 58th minute John Shaw recorded his 18th league goal of the season as a cross from the right was converted at Matt Glennons near post. From this the County team never looked like responding and heads went and the normal football returned. With two attacking substitutions made Gateshead were still on the attack and had a shot excellently parried by Matt Glennon who returned to County for his first appearance under, he proved that once again he can save County from going another goal down and give the team a fighting chance.

County tried and tried, but could not get anywhere near to even having a shot, with minutes left Jim send county skipper Danny O’Donnell up top and went to a 4-3-3 formation to try and rescue something from the game. With Jim’s change the only thing that came was County’s second shot of the night.

With a uninspiring performance and a very quiet and subdued atmosphere around Edgely Park the mighty Hatters could not do what it took to get a result leaving them in the relegation as we currently stand we are 22nd and really in danger of sinking even more if results do not pull through sharpishly.

With the final whistle the county team stood on the pitch looking round like lemons whilst members of the Cheadle End told them exactly what they thought. County captain Danny O’Donnell along with Andy Halls were the only County players to recognise the legendary County fans who yet again turned up to support the tam they all over going down the pan for a 3rd season in a row.

With Saturday marking the first round of the F.A Trophy I am almost scared of turning up, the thought of being embarrassed by a team who are doing very well in the league below really does scare me.

Animo Et Fide —-> I will be there and I will support the team no matter what, I can only hope others think how I do.


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  • SHOCKINGLY BAD!!!!!!!! ……I have not witnessed a more clueless performance in a while and we have been bad for years now….we look cluless I do not remember even a half chance… i feel ashamed to say i follow SCFC … i fear for County ….goodness me we are in deep touble. Its not just the odd player it’s the entire team maybe take our keeper out of that list.

  • Who would have thought a one nil home defeat to Gateshead would be an improvement. Though from what you say Edgeley, we are still dire. Giving Saturday a swerve. Losing to Staleybridge at home…. no… does not bare thinking about.

  • I am guessing cropped that the “improvement” comment was taken from the guy who does the games on Pure??? if this is the case then can I say that personally I take no notice of his take on games….coming back from the Gateshead game I heard someone on pure fm say something like we were the better team in the first half,,,,,, in truth we were secong best all night…. we were clueless at best and did not create a chance or half chance (whatever that is) as usual I quickly turned off the pure fm chanel as I cannot stand their take on the games…..the must be watching different games to the ones I witnessed

  • Another lacklustre performance mainly down to just not having the players to cope with this level of football. I was pretty happy with the starting 11 but we are really missing a Wallace in midfield a Paterson up front and hulking great big centre back who can dominate. We are shot shy and do not have the strikers to dominate, run the channels or get shots off. January is so important and I can only pray that JG pulls out all the stops to get in/back some of the players that we know will do the biz. I keep going on but the likes of Wallace/Paterson/Turnbull/Husband etc would turn this club around in an instance.

  • Your right PRB in that we just dont haver the players…. Fergie couldn’t get this shower of tripe tp perform if he was in charge….A top coach with garbage footballers means poor results just as we are producing week in week out

  • Got to say edgeley that JG really does have his hands full. Anyone who thought he would ride in on a wave of optimism and win every game is now looking blankly at the league table! I am convinced that with 5/6 good signings in January we can survive this season – there are players out there who have/will play their hearts out for County and JG needs to go get them. Turnbull went to Northampton and doesn’t get a game – get him back, Husband can’t get a game for Blackpool – offer him the Captain’s arm band and convince him to return, Paterson is getting booted about on loan by hairy jocks in Hamilton at the moment, bring him back and tell him to give us some of that heart and determination, Wallace is only with Shrews until Jan – sign him put him next to Bully and tell them rip this frigging league up!! There are a dozen other players that would fit into County and I’m sure JG is out there trying to find them, but if he doesn’t we are doomed to relegation.

    Sorry all, I just sound like the same record going round and round and round. Apologies for the rant.

  • January. Make or break. Wheel and deal, pray Alan Lord can spot a gem. Stay in this league. Job done. Then onto other pressing matters, building towards the Football League and the small matter of staying at Edgeley Park !

  • Have to agree with most comments above, travelled to see the game, and for the first time left 15mins before the end of the game, due to not being able to watch any more lack lustre attempts of playing football. To make matters worse Gateshead were worse than us except for one brief moment. As monty python sings always look on the bright side of life…………

  • I am sure that Gannon can see the problems, if he does then why keep playing the people that are letting the side down. Just drop them and let the youngsters have a go. If I was watching I would much rather see youngsters have a go and lose the game than to go home and feel that I have been cheated from a non performance by over paid so called proffesionals.

  • I agrre MA the end product of playing younger players would probably be the same as it is now but at least we would see some passion and pride in the name of SCFC

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