Date: 4th May 2006 at 3:48pm
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How?s your season been so far?
Outstanding, we have won the Championship and of course promotion first time round – there was even a trip to the Millennium Stadium in the final of the League Trophy (sadly we lost but it was a great day out) no one really expected us to achieve so much. What else can I say – its been absolutely superb.

What’s your current form like?
Crikey until Tuesday we had really gone off the boil a little, but still good enough to stay out in front at the top of the league. Saturday will be a real test, hopefully we wont switch off now we have clinched the Championship (more or less anyway).

Players to look out for on Saturday?
I think Ziggy Aranalde has had an outstanding season, he is real quality and will cope with the move to League One, elsewhere, Simon Hackney, Karl Hawley, Michael Bridges, Adam and Glenn Murray, Paul Arnison, Danny Livesey, Kev Gray, Chris Billy, Keiron Westwood, Chris Lumsdon are all ones to look out for. all match winners, all Champions – sorry for lording it a bit but I still cant believe its happened and am loving it while it lasts.

Anybody injured that would normally feature?
Not really, not sure about state of Michael Bridges, he missed out at Rochdale due to injury but may be back for this one.

Have you picked up many glory hunters?
Have we ever, hate em! They turned out in their numbers for the Torquay game last week and moaned and criticised at every opportunity, some couldn?t even name players! They will move on to Gretna or somewhere next season, depends where the glory is.

What did you make of the County team when you beat us 6-0 back in October, and what did you make of the fans (did you think we were mad when we sung Arthur Brownlow at 6-0?)
I felt sorry for you, the score line wasn?t really a fair description of what happened. I know there is a lot of grief between fans but really I think County are a bit like ourselves. You haven?t been the worst team I have seen this season by along way, try looking at Bury or Rushden and Diamonds if you want to see real dross….I think most blues fans want Oxford to get relegated and not you.

Brookes Mileson has underwritten a fund that would help us should we ever need money if it there was to be atrocious weather conditions or some games were cancelled etc? . What?s your relationship like with Gretna?
The guy has some kind of weird need for attention. He had a chance to buy us a while back but didn?t do it. Allegedly he has bankrolled our trust to take legal action against our owner but remains in the background making the bullets for the trust to fire, which like muppets they do. Real CUFC fans don?t trust him one bit – ask Scarborough fans about him – many cant stick him. In my opinion he’s a very rich attention seeker, why on earth would anyone want to get involved with Gretna FC, where can they go, what is their future, the whole thing isn?t sustainable without him bankrolling it. Attention deficit disorder syndrome at its wildest. Then after that -why get involved with Stockport? Where?s the links to your club…its freaky – pony tail too hmmm.

Have you heard of any rumours of Carlisle fans sitting in the home end on Saturday?
I think if you read the CUFC message boards you will be fed a few lines. most Blues fans are genuine and would rather be with their own. However, saying that many will just want to be their to watch the game, no matter where they are in the ground – not troublemakers, just genuine fans who are seemingly being thwarted in their attempt to see the game. There may be bother but only if Stockport fans make it, Carlisle fans will want to have a party not a fight, hopefully we can do it together when you avoid relegation.

What did you make of the ticketing arrangements?
Typically woeful, once the police get involved with this stuff it goes to pot. They panic overreact to anything and genuinely ruin the game for true spectators and fans. They should keep out of it, Stockport want to make money from it, so do Carlisle. Probably though, the only ones who will make money will be the police as the officers on duty are paid at overtime rates – paid by SCFC but will they act on their behalf as their employers for the game, will they hell. If all goes wrong on the day then the police should take all the blame, they have cocked it up – as usual.

2 – 2 draw. We need a point to confirm the Championship, and one point will keep you up – hopefully. Expect a bit of a battle but for it to settle down in the second half.