Date: 20th July 2006 at 5:18pm
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Everything has died down now, so how did you realistically think you went on last season in the Championship?

Last season was almost a disaster for Leicester. We struggled to score goals and without Rob Kelly taking over just after Christmas we could have been relegated.

Have there been any major changes at your club?

This seems to be the first year in a long time where we haven`t seen whole sale changes. We have managed to keep the majority of our squad and hopefully we can start to gain a bit more consistency

Who have you signed and who has left?

We have brought in Darren Kenton, Josh Low, Andy Johnson and Gareth McAuley. Which has added depth to our defence and midfield. Most fans however would have like to have seen another striker come in.

As for who has left the most significant loss was Joey Gudjonsson, he left on a bosman this summer and is a major loss to Leicester as he was voted player of the season last year.

What kind of season are you expecting this season?

Realistically the majority of Leicester fans will be happy with a top 10 finish after what happened last year.

Who are the major players that we should look out for on Friday?

From the previous two friendly games it seems that Elvis Hammond has found a bit of confidence and if given a chance he will cause your defence problems due to his speed.

Do you think many fans will travel down to Stockport?

I believe we took about 200 to watch Macclesfield and so I would suggest a similar amount will travel to Stockport, if not a few more due to it being played on a Friday.


City 2 – 0 Stockport