Date: 26th February 2012 at 7:57pm
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Congratulations to Jim Gannon and D M Rowe for being names in the Blue Square Premier team of the week. Top Boss went to Jim Gannon after he led his side to a 1-0 home win over promotion hopefuls Wrexham.

Left Back Danny M Rowe also impressed the panel as he was granted his place in the team of the week in his performance at left back, hopefully this will give a hint for Gannon to keep the tactics the same for next week.

May the hard work carry on!

Animo Et Fide


10 Replies to “Well Done to Gannon and D M Rowe”

  • Well done to them both, like we keep being told KEEP THE FAITH and we can see it working Up The County.

  • Blimey didn’t expect that !!!!!!! just a thought… Wrexham didn’t work half as hard as some of the so called lesser teams do when they come to EP !! maybe it’s because they (Wrexham) dont see us as a scalp as do the much lesser sides who come here appear to….great result … onwards and upwards the County boys.

  • Good point that Edgeley. Just a normal Division 4 fixture for Wrexham perhaps. Darlo next. Back-to-back whatsits anyone?

  • Saying that cropped has now put the curse on a win. Great 3 points last Saturday lets just hope we can get a run together. I am not optimistic but we can all hope.

  • No, no, no MA… you misunderstand me. Darlo away, back-to-back terraces up there I wonder. Honest. Ahem.

  • Better than some of the housing stock that replaced it in the 70’s! I think MA thought I was talking about back to back w*ns. Which I course I would never do….

  • Good job I understand what you mean. I am sure we will get a win on Saturday, does that mean b..k to b..k wins?
    I was brought up in a back to back terraced house in Holland. Best time of my long and hard life.

  • Lived in Ardwick back-to-backs for a short while as a teenager, some of the best days of my life. When they demolished back-to-backs they demolished communities.

  • I can see us taking all three points at Darlington. After that good luck to the Quakers, they have had a worse recent history than even us. As for back to backs, my folks hail from Hulme and they still reminisce about the sense of community then amidst the hardship.

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