Date: 21st April 2010 at 4:04pm
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Another statement with reason to give us cautious optimism as Sean Connolly gives another update on the progress of the 2015 Group.

No point waffling on about it, so here it is…

Dear County Fans

Following our previous statement when we said we would provide updates at appropriate junctions, the 2015 group can now say that we have made considerable progress in the last couple of weeks.

We are by no means at the finish line, but we feel that we are moving ahead very quickly with considerable help from many relevant people and the good wishes of Countys army of supporters. We had very satisfactory meetings with the administrator and their legal team and we are extremely pleased with the specialist help they have given us.

This week, a numbwe of the groups people have been at Edgeley Park to begin due diligence proceedings. This is likely to take some days and involves the groups legal and financial advisors. The first tranche of documentation has been sent to the Football League and we expect to meet with them informally during the next week to review progress.

Our intention is to submit the final bid documentation to the League by the end of April in advance of the Football League meeting on May 13th. The 2015 Group has had a number of very successful meetings with Cheshire Sports and we are very confident of working well with them to ensure and develop the future of senior sprt in the borough.

We have also met with senior people at the borough council who have assured us of their help in future planning. In the coming weeks there will be further meetings with the council as we make progress on the future for Stockport County and Sale Sharks. We have had preliminary contact with David Farms and further meetings will take place in the coming days. Initial reaction from DF has been very positive and we feel we can conclude our business with them in very quick order.

Finally the reaction from fans and supporters on our comment address has been enormous. Apart from the good wishes, which are there in abundance, there are very many excellent suggestions that we will take on board in the future.

Many thanks to you all for your comments and although we are unable to reply at the pressing time, please keep them coming. There are extremely helpful. We shall, as always, do our utmost to inform the clubs supporters and the people of Stockport when we have progress,or difficulties, to report and while there is still much to do, we will do everything possible to get it done.

Sean Connolly

n behalf of the 2015 Group

As he said, and just in case you missed it in there, the email address for your ideas and thoughts for the group is Get in touch.

Again though, brilliant from the group. In a few weeks they’ve shown Melrose and his lot how it should have been done.