Date: 27th March 2010 at 6:59pm
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County shipped five today at The Den as the rest of us watched the final few nails being smashed into our tiny coffin helplessly.

Two own goals from The Hatters, Danny Swailes and Paul Huntington the guilty parties, gifted Millwall their victory and put the Lions level on points with second-placed Leeds United.

Straight from the first whistle, we were penned in our own penalty area – further increasing my growing belief that, despite his nice-guy personality, Gary Ablett is a pretty useless coach.

I’ve defended him many a time through Vital, but despite the terrible conditions he’s working under, it just seems that he can’t motivate the players enough and they’re being mollycoddled through the entire situation.

As a defender at the highest level, Ablett should be wary enough to warn his back four to not drop so deep right back into our six yard box – you’ve seen at EP how deep they drop down, and it’s inevitably going to cause own goals like today.

Goals from Steve Morison, Danny Schofield and on-loan John Obika piled the pain on County, but I think we can all pretty much accept relegation now and write this season off.

As Ablett said on Pure after the match, ‘the Melrose deal is pretty much dead’ – so let’s get behind Dave Schofield in his bid for the club.

Just to keep you all up to date, Dave had this to say last night:

We were asked to bid on the 14th of February 2010.

We stated that we would prepare a credible bid, that would rectify the immediate issues and provide a workable solution for all stakeholders in the Medium/Long Term, and that the whole process would take 2 months.

We suspended our activities for 1 week at the beginning of March to allow the Melrose Consortium a ‘clean’ run at their Meeting with The Football League, and as we all know, they failed, so we resumed our efforts.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not waiting for The Melrose Consortium to pull out, but for a number of reasons, it would simplify things.

We are working as fast as we can, and are ahead of schedule, we are confident of a successful campaign and are excited at the prospect.

But there is still a long way to go, and you just never know what is around the corner, so please give us the time and space to get it sorted.

When we have completed our preparations, and tabled a formal bid, we will release all the details.

And in the meantime, if anyone feels they would like to help, don’t be shy.

t last, something sounding a bit more positive and realistic.

Let’s get behind these guys, agreed?

Come on County.


2 Replies to “Awful Hatters Feel The Lions Force”

  • Totally agree!! Whilst Gary Ablett has always been in a no win no lose position he is still working with professional footballers and to lose week in week out is simply not good enough wether you are playing in team in administration or not. Whatever the outcome of this horrible mess I think a new manager is needed before next season starts. I would say though that Mr Ablett seems to have always acted with a great amount of dignity throughout this debacle and all credit to him for that – what say you Messrs Kennedy, Elwood et al??

  • I can see us not getting another point all season. Will go to Southend as it looks like a wake is being held. Drink and remember better times.

    Unibond next season? Where would we play… Woodley Sports?

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