Date: 22nd April 2010 at 6:32pm
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Joe Royle waded into the debate over Gary Ablett today and gave his opinion that I’m sure none us really want or care to hear.

Royle, who can be heard giving his amazing and knowledgeable footballing insights on ESPN commentary, had the back of his ex-Everton team-mate with the most clueless and ill-informed of opinions.

‘I saw them play at Huddersfield earlier in the season where they got a draw and played very well.’

‘Gary’s played and won things with Liverpool and Everton so he knows what he’s doing.’

Jesus, Next we’ll be back to ‘Carlton Palmer – he played for England y’know.’

Is there actually any real relevance between Ablett playing in the Premiership and him managing County? What’s more, why is Joe Royle even giving his opinion on County? What is his affinity to our club?

Royle backed up his astute offerings with another wonderful quote.

‘I know from experience what it’s like to manage a club on the verge of going into administration. I hope they stick with Gary.’

Oh how stupid of me, we’re only on the brink of administration. The past 11 months have been County on the brink of going into admin.

Absolutely pointless fact backed up with an immensely clueless and patronising opinion. He goes by the name of Joe Royle.


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  • Sticking up for his mate. Irrelevant really. My guess is GA knows he is on his way (but with no shame) and has mentioned this to a few of his friends.

  • End of story…there is no debate. Worst home defeat since 1961..shake hands, say bye and clear the desk.

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