Date: 23rd October 2011 at 11:02am
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Edgeley Park in the sun. Got there early with my lad, stocked up with drinks and snacks beforehand. Back to back win time surely. Took my mainstand seat, enjoyed some of the pre-match music from the 80’s. This was to be the best part of the day.

Normally I do have a couple of beers to get warmed up for the game but if I had known the FGR coach had been delayed I could have enjoyed an extra 45 mins in the Amoury. As it was, the coach arrived at 3:15 and yet at 3:45 the opposition players were sill warming up. No rush off the coach onto the pitch for FGR. In fact it took the groundsman switching on the sprinklers to get the majority of the FGR players off the pitch. Boos from the Main Stand saw off the stragglers.

So kick off…3:54 pm. County were turned round and had to defend the railway end with Glennon squinting into the strong sunlight.

County started with Glennon, Lynch, O’Donnell, Piergianni, Edwards, Routledge, Jon Nolan, McCann, Miles, Chadwick, Paton.

I was hoping Fraughan would have started but perhaps he was not 100% match fit (he would come on after 70 minutes to replace Paton and improve things a little).

For the first 30 minutes my recollection is that FGR had no ambition and County dominated possession and most of the play was in their half. County had some half-chances but already the pattern of play was clear. Neat passes to feet but rarely getting into the last 25 yards and on those occasion we did, the crosses were no where near the one man in the box.

Didi stood, arms behind his back, silently.

I lost count over the number of times the ball entered their box and one medium-sized Chadwick found himself on his own against 3, 4 or even 5 red tree-trunks.

On 36 minutes a rare counter attack, pace down their right wing, a cross zipped in and Klukowski gets there ahead of the county defence to finish smartly. Near silence except for the 50 or so away fans (and all credit to them travelling from Gloucestershire).

I had only just finished thinking how mediocre Forest Green were and how overall our players looked better than their guys were. That sickly feeling was back. I think most of us knew how this game was going to finish.

Didi stood, arms behind his back, silently.

The second half saw FGR with more ambition which surprised me. The possession was more even-steven and they has the best of the chances. Glennon made two or three great saves. County ran out of steam. Seven minites of added time. Nowt really.

Someone shouted, ‘Where’s the plan B’. Someone else ‘Where’s the plan A you mean’.

And Didi stood, arms behind his back, silently.

I think the poll (bottom right of this page) may alter this week


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  • I have noticed that the 6 teams that have beaten us have played 4-3-3. So perhaps that is way to get out of this league, or is it that we can’t defend against that style of play?
    For me 4-3-3 is the way to go and get up this league. Not passing sideways and backwards. The only way is score goals with an attacking formation which the 4-3-3 gives us. We have the right players but we don’t play to there strenghts. Come on Didi change things if you are not able to do that then let someone else in who can.

  • Very fair comment MA. I want Didi to succeed but I think he has had enough time to change things. I know Main Stand has a rep for moaning, and I try to block out the “You’re not fit to wear the shirt” brigade but really, we need the manager to learn and adapt. FA Cup away at Southport next Saturday. Great opportunity to play 2 up from away from home.

  • the defence are holding thier own on the whole but there isnt much happening in midfield and even less up front we need to get wide and get balls in the box – and tell the players that the white frame thing with the netty thing hanging off it is for kicking the ball towards and hopfully into!!!

  • I absolutely hate going to EP at the moment and have felt this way now for ages!! just how poor were FGR and to top it off I had to sit in a ground that I hate going to for an extra hour due to the late kick off and then have to watch this nothing football team (not us) warm up for what seemed forever. ??!! what on earth are they coming to this once proud football club and beating us !!! I thought the Standard of football would be decent in this league but how wrong I was !! goodness me it’s garbage AT BEST.

  • Garbage Edgeley. That is why the image is at the top of this article as Local Lad pointed out. Could not face drinking with fellow County fans after the game – I swear we will see people jumping off the viaduct if this continues. One thing, Lynch got MOTM from the sponsors and he really seems a better player than last year. So there is a positive.

    Other side of the coin, some at the front of the main stand said they got another mouthful from club captain Chadwick. I did not hear this – I hope this is wrong. He had a thankless task yesterday the way we play and he did get some abuse… but giving it back, as club captain.. never. Another bloody thing wrong about the club IF TRUE.

  • Sorry guys wasn’t there so I rely on your comments and Pure FM. Listened yesterday and thought that FGR were taking the p*ss with their late arrival and on-field antics, thought John Kiernan was gonna have a heart attack. I have to admire the man’s passion. Once going same old County though enough huff qnd puff with no end result. if as you say Didi was standing with his hands behind his back then as much as I have stated about manager bashing if that’s the best he can offer he needs to move on. Pretty football is no good in this league, flat caps, belts and braces are what’s required here, get stuck in and sod the consequences. Things have got to change and fast or it will be 3 relegations on the bounce. Sorry to be the party pooper.

  • Yes Vicman Didi stands on the sideline like he is waiting for the 192 on the A6 !!1 he shows no passion at all and as dor Lynch being MOTM is because this is his level GARBAGE FOOTBALL.

  • An extra half hour in the pub, bit of sunshine, and a County home game against a mediocre FGR, what more could I want on a Saturday afternoon? Simply terrible from first minute to last. We are in serious trouble at the moment and yet Didi just stands there seemingly oblivious to the tactical disaster that is his creation on the pitch. FGR came with a view to spoiling and they did it very well, got their goal and waited for the final whislte – hats off to them. We on the other hand are simply clueless. Shockingly poor performance – especially from the manager.

  • It would seem that from those who were there on Saturday there is a consensus about Didi. A REALLY hope the guy adjusts our style of play this Saturday. Was going to go to Southport but feel too deflated to consider it at the moment.

  • I said I would give Didi until Xmas, however, if we end up in the bottom four before then, I’m afraid he will have to go. What’s Ray Mathias up to these days 🙂

  • Ditto cropped we was going to go to Southport but not anymore!!!! Didi does seem clueless to whats going on in front of his eyes…..we really need a massive injection of cash from somewhere/someone.

  • That was complete garbage at it’s best on Saturday, every one I spoke to said the same. No commitment no idea with not a clue what to do about it I only hope the Directors have the balls to do something about this mess this coming Sunday. As for Lynch I agree with edgeley he’s just ****, will never be any good.

  • Just had an idea !!! why don’t we lock our Team in a coach for 4 hours prior to the Southport game, we might see an improvement ?

  • How times have changed, when I were a lad it was the 92 shared by Stockport Corporation buses and MCTD and you could get off at the back. Fond memories. Sorry for the diversion folks but all this gloom and doom is getting to me

  • Weve got players playing out of the position they are best siuted to, weve got right sided players playing on the left and visa versa. We have no width whatsoever consequently midfielders turn themselves inside out looking for an outlet then end up either playing back or to the side, or worse losing it. Our only width comes from fullbacks when they can get forward who are then stranded as the opposition break quickly down the flanks which drags our central defenders wide to try and deal with the threat. The substitutions, well they are just beyond me???????.

    I’ll tell you what edgely its not a massive injection of cash we need at the moment, its a massive injection of tactics. I didnt expect us to take this league by storm but I did expect more than 3 wins in 18 games and I didnt expect to have lossed 5 home games before Christmas. He’s had long enough, there is absolutely no improvement in the way we play if anything we are getting worse. Many say we cant afford to sack him, I say can we afford to keep him. Another relegation would end this club.

  • Norwickshire – I agree with every letter of that post.

    And Vicman – I MUST get around to altering the forum so memories of Stockport past can have a section. The 92 bus eh… now the 192 and you can get a bus right through the night nowadays. Crossley Motors in Heaton Chapel but I suspect you know that!

  • Norwiks has hit the nail on the head for sure, if its so obvious to us why do they persist week in and week out its demoralising even me!! and something else its painfully obvious its getting to the players too esp it would seem mr chadwick who seems to be having a go back at fans who strangely seem fed up with his lack of pace and ball control when trying to wait for support that never arrives and say so, they like me have paid good money for this and we want people to run around and make space for each other instead of waiting for something to happen then get mugged by the opposition – I dont know if I can bear to listen to pure on Sat just wait for the final scores at 5.00, and while I am having a moan who does the official website – its pants, no team news, no insight, no interviews, no nothing other sites are set up the same but have more content than ours- bring back Des Hinks!!!!

  • Crossley Motors oh happy days, ironically it was the opposition that kept them afloat as although being the Local Corporation, Stockport bought a good number throughout the fifties, but by far and away their biggest client was Manchester Corporation who literally bought hundreds during the same period the Crossley Condor was one of their biggest fleet members. Regarding all nighters in ’66 you could catch the 93x but only as far as Levenshulme which was run by Manchester. With apologies as to the non footy content of this post but it has opened a whole can of worms for me as transport in the south east Lancashire and north east Cheshire (SELNEC) in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s is my favourite pastime besides County of course.

  • Sorry guys,
    Just realised could have used the “Off Topic” heading for my ramblings.
    Cropped, just a thought mate, how about a topic “Fond Memories”? as I’m sure all us old timers would have little stories and anecdotes of Stockport past that others may enjoy till the football picks up (sorry).

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