Date: 3rd October 2011 at 11:16am
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County entertained York at Edgeley Park on Saturday. The weather was superb, my lads usual chocolate bar had been successfully substituted for sweets with the slogan ‘Chase the rainbow’. Which is how I feel as a County fan right now. Each match comes along, and like chasing the rainbow you never get to the pot of Gold. More often County leaves you with a murky feeling these days.

Played 13. Won 2.

3753 came to watch. A healthy 680 from York.

No goals at half time. On chap called Blair scored for York just after half time and just before the end Walker added their second. In injury time Paton headed a consolation goal but many of the County faithful were already on Castle Street or Mercian Way or lifting their first pint of Robbies.

If I am super-optimistic we could well have made it 1-1 and who knows whether York would have gone into their shells at that point? Like Fleetwood last week, York are a decent side and you feel they will be up there at the end of the season.

County though, well, I think we do have a decent enough side in there but why do they look lethargic for long spells. Where is the fire from Didi? Or McStay. Rockets up bottoms …. does that happen in the dressing room at half-times any more ?

Maybe things will click but I still think we are light up front. I have just read that Walker who got York’s second goal is now on 10 for the season. If we had that sort of player how many draws would have become wins? Someone said that York only had two attempts on target. Not sure if that is strictly true but I cant recall Glennon struggling to cope for much of the game.

Could not find my rose-tinted specs for this match report. The defence looked shaky. We still do not look clinical in front of goal. From where I sit in the Main Stand Didi looks too relaxed.

Do not fancy our chances on Thursday at Cambridge (on TV – Premier Sports)

I have tried to be positive writing these last few articles but it is a bit more tricky than I had anticipated.

Feel free to comment with more upbeat statements below!

A&F folks.


11 Replies to “County 1 York City 2”

  • Cheer up Cropped old son. We will bounce back with a 2-0 win in Cambridge on Thursday. There are plenty worse sides than us in this league. The part-time outfits will fade as we get into the winter months. Mid table mediocrity is the new black. Honest.

  • My first game for a few weeks. We were so poor all over the pitch, thank god for Matty Gleenon, player of the season so far! Defence is woefully slow, without McConville midfield is non existant and how does Chadwick even get on the team sheet? Couple that with the greedy Germain up front and playing Paton as a winger, I believe that Didi hasn’t a clue what he’s doing! With no strikeforce we will not get out this league.

  • Next 3 games. Away at Cambridge (a defeat predicted – their home record is 4-1-1)… home to Darlo and then away at Wrexham (they are 4-1-2 at home). A managerial vacancy if we lose the Darlington match? Time to deliver Mr Hamann – I really hope you can.

  • Bit early in the season to be calling for the managers head. I know I’m not there to watch the games with you guys but isn’t this just a wee bit over dramatic?

  • The good news is that i believe we have some decent players out there. The bad news is that we are tactically inept. there is only one person at fault if the tactics are wrong. Weve got players playing out of position with complex tactics that are beyond players at this level. Playing too tight and down the middle with players that in most cases will require more than one touch is not going to work. More often than not our midfield does not have an out ball and end up going square, back or just losing it.

  • Hate to say this but I’m glad I’m on holiday for the next home match don’t think I can stand any more of this simple a to b passing and getting it wrong. Do we not know how to pass forward it’s always sideways and back!

  • Norwik is right we do have some decent players, i think if elliot is fit he should partner german and give them a chance to get an understanding of each others game we need to get the ball wide too many times a player is stood in acres of space and the ball goes into the middle, if it eventually gets out there its too late and our guy has the oppostion in his face. Also whatever happened to anticipation, several times i saw players suddenly galvanised into action as they run after a ball that is already past them from what would have been a good move. from Tuesday to Saturday what happened to the fight we showed in that last 20 on Tuesday? evaporated in the heat on Sat!! still think it will come together just wish it was a bit quicker

  • We are woeful, i watch Hamman and McStay on the sidwlines and they could be stood or waiting for a bus!!! they seem passionless to me. I hate going to games and it’s been like this for seasons now, I cannot get into games at all WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME WE CREATED SOMETHING FROM A CORNER????!!!!!!!!.
    When teams bring a decent following as York did then I know it’s a matter of time before they start taking the mickey out of us…it happens everytime. We seem clueless to me.

  • Some passionate stuff guys! Got to admit that after the horrendous TE affair I just don’t know what’s happening at the club. Didi seems unable to tactically get it right in any way. The football is worse than it was last season – and that’s saying something! Still think we are lacking the nouse up front that we need – and someone in midfield to pick a pass. If we continue to slide the Board will have to do something.

  • Steady Pato! I think we are way better than last year that was headless chicken time for sure for most of the season that is. I am still hopful of a decent run, just two wins in a row will do it for me fingers crossed for thursday as win 1 in that run!!

  • Local Lad, you are of course correct, a couple of wins on the bounce and we will all be feeling a lot better. However, for me, Didi looks tactically naive in his team selections and style of play. Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted he’s with us, but, and I’ll say it until I am blue in the face – we do not have the strikeforce to get us out of this league! We had opportunities pre-season to pick up some really good strikers and we ended up with Gritton and Chadwick!

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