Date: 8th October 2008 at 6:25pm
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County could be facing a fine from the Football Association after Friday Night’s mini-brawl in the Cheadle End.

Andy Liddell gave Oldham the lead and County fans took exception to a group of Oldham fans clebebrating the goal in the Cheadle End.

Of course, then there was a bit of a scrap and the game was halted for a few minutes.

But after the referee, Mark Haywood, included the ‘fight’ in his post-match report, County are now subject to an FA investigation.

An FA Spokeswoman said: ‘The investigation is on-going.

‘We have written to both clubs to ask for their version of events and they have 10 days to respond.’

They said almost the exact same about an investigation about Jim Gannon’s comments on referees being biased. Nothing’s happened there either. Which kind of suggests there will be nothing to worry about…


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