Date: 1st October 2013 at 1:34pm
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So another life-long County fanatic and multi-tasking employee leaves the club.

Phil Brennan, Media Manager (responsible for the very well respected County match day programme and official web site), Retail manager (prime mover in re-locating our club shop back to where it should be – under the Cheadle End in a fairly spacious position) and Commercial Manager.

See tribute from the club here

So, Phil Brennan, an example of multi-tasking at its best. What efficiency and dedication the club have been so fortunate to have in one individual.

In fact I could have sworn I have seen Phil up the floodlights of an evening changing the bulbs. And of course sweeping the Main Stand as he almost single-handedly drove large parts of the club along.

And now a victim of the ‘austerity’ being imposed by our Chief Exec, Mr Ryan McKnight.

Now, I am really trying to keep an open mind about what is going on at County.

On the face of it Mr McKnight’s efforts to mould County into a club that is financially self-efficient seems to be common sense.

With apologies to Dickens:

‘Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness.

Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds nought and six, result misery.’

We have had too much misery at this club for decades now.

If you have got half an hour, please make a make a brew and listen to this excellent Pure interview with McKnight (and Mary McGee-Wood of the Co-op and Ian Dooley from the Supporters Club)

Pure Interview

So I want to believe in McKnight. I really do. I want a club that is self-sustainable and with a sound future but something just niggles away at me.

If we end up with a club half the size we are now, with gates of a thousand playing somewhere other than Edgeley Park, well, that may be Stockport County in name but in spirit I think it will be something else.

Count me out in this scenario.

Is the aim to move us out of Edgeley Park so that certain parties profit from some kind of land deal? Welcome to Edgeley Park retail centre? Welcome to Edgeley Park – modern urban dwelling?

Or is the aim really to create a financially balanced skeleton of a club that would be just right for a take over / new investment?

I pray it is the latter. Maybe then County will again be staffed by the Phil Brennans of this world.



3 Replies to “County Cuts. Phil Brennan now gone”

  • God forbid where oh where is this shower driving us. Better get down for my last ever visit because the way it sounds there won’t be the hallowed Edgeley Park for much longer. Do the initials of our so-called CEO stand for Ripoff Merchant???

  • vicman (and any other exiles or lapsed fans)… we should nominate a game and all turn up. As you say, who knows, will EP be here in 2 years time?

  • Will have to be in the New Year cropped as believe it or not the weather is closing in over the Slochd and Drumochter passes on the A9 which is the only road out of the Highlands. Only a fool would gamble this one because at low level all appears well but both these passes are in excess of 1500ft and more plus emergency services don’t take too kindly to rescuing prat drivers.

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