Date: 7th November 2011 at 5:14pm
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From the official site here Didi Hamann offers his resignation to Lord Snape.

I think after the YTYT meeting (article to follow later tonight) with the looming presence of Jim Gannon in the background, the manager would have found it extremely difficult to keep any sort of backing from the fans.

Good look in the future Didi. Really sorry it did not work out for you here, maybe you will have better success with players at a higher level or need another No. 2 slot.

Now, though, with the fans beginning to coalesce around a club partially or wholly run by the fans (though not partially or wholly owned by the fans) and with Gannon on board – presumably ready to step into the managerial vacancy (?) – it really is time to say

Go! Go! Go! County.

I have my animo and fide back.

November 7th 2011 – the day the club was re-born?


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  • Have to add, in the past I have tempered my praise of Jim Gannon the football manager with criticism of Jim Gannon the very strong presence who I am led to believe can be a little difficult to manage or work with. Have to say now though, the saying “cometh the hour, cometh the man” has never been more relevant. IF Jim steps in to manage (and it is not 100% certain) I would bet my house on the club staying up and gates UP by a thousand. For the first time in a long time I AM EXCITED ABOUT COUNTY !

  • Cropped, I’m with you. I have said many times on this site that we should not go back to Gannon due to some of his, lets say, personality traits. But if he can revitalize the club (and my own feelings about the club) then I look forward to eating my own hat! Something good has to finally fall upon the club we love.

  • McStay in charge for Saturdays game at Ebbsfleet. Then we are at Fleetwood and next at home for the game against Southport on Saturday 26th November. Plenty of time for YTYT to promote this game like crazy and aim for 4,000+ ?

  • All change at the ranch then? Hate to be the party pooper but I’m still unsure of Jimbo at the helm. Agreed it’ll lift passions of the fans and probably the players as well, and put more bums in seats, but, and it is a but, in what capacity? After his dalliance into management at his last three clubs and all ending in tears after some very short tenures at that. Don’t get me wrong as I’ve publicly stated before I love the guy and what he’s done for this club as a player and a manager but a lot of water has flowed under that bridge. If this does come to fruition then I sincerely hope nobody crosses Mr G because to quote from our own annals from the past “My way or the highway”. I also know there is no more a loyal supporter of this club than Jim Gannon but I would like all the cards on the table before I played my hand. That’s me.

  • It’s because we are in such a shocking state as a football club that we are hoping for Gannon to ride in on his white horse with stetson and magnum to rescue us from the fast lane to oblivion that we seem to.
    I pesonally don’t like Gannon for the reasons staed on the posts above and it just shows how desparate I feel that I probably would welcome him back.
    His (Gannon) horror shows at his prvious three clubs, for me, tells it’s own story and remember how many half decent footballers wanted away from SCFC when Gannon was in charge!!!!! goodness me what’s next ????Wardy back????!!!!…………….just goes bad to worse for me and should Gannon return then he will want to spend money that we probably won’t/don’t have

  • what is the matter with you all ? what we need is a fighter a winner
    not a Mr Nice Guy, Lets face it who can save us ? if not Jim Gannon. One minute you moan we are on our way out and then at what cost if Jim were to take over. This is not a penny pinching exercise this is all out war to save our Club. Hands up those ready for a scrap !!!!!!!! JIMBO THERE’S ONLY ONE JIMBO.

  • I’m with you BAM, I’d have Jimbo back tommorrow without question. But you have to give him a free hand within the financial constraints of the club. Jimbo is a brilliant tactician, he also builds teams from scratch. Look at the number of players he developed who are now playing at higher levels. So he upsets a few people along the way ho hum. There are a few players here who could do with a rocket up their a***s. Plus we have all had bosses and managers we didnt like, did it stop you doing a good job? If he came back it would double the gate.

  • Your so bob on NE, there are a lot of people who seem to have forgotten the fact that several ex players are enjoying football at higher levels and that is down to Jim.I would trust him with the financial side of things as he is no fool. The Best Managers have oussed out players who don’t perform or think they know better, Fergie has shifted his fair share in his time. Jim is COUNTY through and through, if anyone can JIMBO CAN.
    Whose sat there week after week in the Stands, experienced our pain and knows what is required instantly to mend it ???
    There is only one answer for me, get Gannon in now we fans need him our Town needs him, Lets have the good times back.
    JIMMY GANNONS BLUE & WHITE ARMY !!!!!! Let him finished the job he started.

  • NE and BAM, not once in the above did I say I didn’t want Jimbo back. What I stated and will again in what capacity. I’m just not with you on this one. Jim maybe the messiah for this club but come on guys how many quick fixes have we seen go down the pan over the last three years and I don’t think it’s right to criticise those with reservations. I have witnessed the rape of this club and am fiercely opposed to anybody who is trying to take this club to the knackers yard. Finally I re-iterate I have the utmost respect for Jim Gannon and his motives and no way would I question his ability to help raise this club from the ashes. COME ON COUNTY.

  • All this Gannon talk for me is going to fast. I don’t think that Gannon is the right person to take the team forward. I do think that as a person that is leading the YTYT he should be allowed to continue to make progress in getting fans more involved and assist County in getting it’s off field issues on the right lines. With his accountancy back ground he is the type of person needed to get the finances right that will ensure the club is run professionaly for the future. Lots of decent managers are unemployed at the present time who, in my opinion, can get the results on the field.
    This is nothing against Gannon but I feel that his strenghts would benefit the club more in other area’s.

  • I would have Jimbo back in a heart beat and the fact I dont like the guy irrelevant as I want a guy who gets results and Jimbo did that with SCFC, his man management needs looking at from past history and to mention Fergie and Jimbo in the same breath is an insult to the great man and I mean Fergie when I say the great man.
    If Jimbo was here he would need a massive injection of money and we are skint!!!!!

  • Well have read the good and the bad on all this Gannon talk, all I have to say is whoever sits in that seat needs to bring the good times back, too many downbeat feelings at present, and me for one wants to walk outside and smile when I talk about my team.. lol sound as if I am about to jump from the severn bridge..

  • Finally I have been able to log in! Password problems ahhhhh!!
    Thanks Didi, but no thanks, it was simply awful. I was so excited when he took over I could hardly contain myself – then the reality of the non-football we were playing was evident to see. Good luck to Didi, just not the one for County. I’ve got to agreee with Boothy359 above, if it’s Jim Gannon or whoever it is, they need to bring the good times back to County. Open, free flowing football with a bit of passion – everything that’s been missing these past few years.

  • Pato (and everyone) if you have problems logging in or registering please mail me – stockport [at] and I will get it sorted. We need every County fan possible on board. Plus any rich Americans, Arabs, Russians who fancy becoming elevated to God-like status….

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