Date: 20th May 2013 at 4:32pm
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So, the rudiments of Stockport County 2013-14 are beginning to take shape.

Alan Lord shows off our new keepers here. Out with the old and back in with the old.

Yes, its Ormson and King. Or is it King and Ormson. I’m guessing it’s Ian Ormson as No. 1 and Lewis King as number.. er… No. 14 ?

Not sure about this to be honest. I trust both keepers are in rude health and their backs have recovered from picking the ball out of the net last season. So, rather like Fagbola we have some more promising players.

Promising and young and inexperienced.

I could understand if we had signed up one of the duo alongside an old head, experienced in lower league football but maybe it is a sign of the current Stockport County that we just cannot attract such a player / pay them enough of a part-time wage?

Anyway, good luck to both of them. Both keepers do have promise and I wonder whether there is half an eye on selling one or other on the back of a half-season run of outstanding displays? Certainly, a £50,000 sale with add-ons would do the club the power of good.

What other assets (Fagbola?) do we have as a club? The family silver went a few years ago. The house is rented. The bank balance is in the red. So could the sale of just one promising youngster ensure a functioning County going forward ?

Acutally, we do have an asset. How short-sighted of me. Alan Lord. He has a proven track record of finding gems and passing the uncut versions onward and upwards hasn’t he?

So maybe the news of these two new signings goes a little deeper than who plays between the sticks next season.

Let’s hope Mr Lord can dig out a Pilks next. Or a Rowe. Or a Dickenson….



14 Replies to “County’s Number One ?”

  • Ormson or King? Ah well 3 down and how many to go? a little worried that all this player business is being handled by Lordy. No problem with that but what is Mr Bogie up to?.

  • Ps. noted that Mark Cullen has signed a 2 year deal with the hatters (Luton) Bugger I rated that young fellow

  • Think Bogie is on holiday. Great having young prospects but can we get a few old experienced grizzly monsters as well please?

  • If King can fully recover from his cruciate he will be a good keeper at this level and maybe higher. I think the jury is still out on Ormson. A good shot stopper but has shown poor judgement in the past. Hopefully decent coaching can cure that.

  • A good goal keeping coach is a key position at any level. Even the likes of Hart has a goal keeping coach. Most keepers develop and reach their best later in years than outfield players. Heres a radical thought, bin the CEO and bring in a good goal keeper coach.

  • At last better news, just read that we have signed Phil Jevon.
    this Guy scores goals for fun so lets hope he continues in that vain next season. Any news on Kenyon signing yet ???

  • I hope not, he was no use last time he was here. Why are we obsessed with ex players coming back? Lets move on, it’s the ex players that have got us in this position.

  • Not ex players MA. Fearn, Taylor, Snape, McKnight got us in this position. Lets hope they do the decent thing and put it right.

  • Can’t agree with you NE, I don’t see those names on the team sheet that are supposed to perform for our club on the pitch. What ever happens OFF the pitch should not affect what happens ON the pitch. It’s players that win games and not the board room. I am not saying that the board haven’t got us where we are.
    Bringing ex players back is not the answer, we have had a couple back last season and during Gannon’s reign but they didn’t perform. Let’s bring some new blood in and start afresh.

  • MA I’m not obsessed with ex players but someone is as Keiths name was one of a few that was mentioned to me over the weekend and tagged as captain. Personally Tunicliffe, Turnbull and co were s*** last esason and would not get into a good Sunday League Side. Like all of you I guess I am wondering as to what level of players we can attract to then see if we stand any chance of doing anything.
    Ian Bogie seems to think the task gets bigger and harder than he first thought.

  • I think that Bogie realized the size of the task when he took the job on because given the task he was given and being perfectly honest with himself he would have known that relegation was a distinct possibility. He has been dealt the cards in this league before so he knows his way around at this level, but if anybody thinks we are gonna walk through this league do so at their own risk.

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