Date: 12th October 2011 at 8:24am
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Trying to be positive about County is damned hard work these days.

Scoring three at home and losing to a very average Darlington side who are poor away from home is just not good.

Starting at the end, their winner was a belting strike from Taylor 5 minutes before the end. Can’t argue with that but in my eyes we should have not conceded the other three so meekly.

What has happened? We can suddenly score. Chadwick who looks poor for long periods is actually doing it for us to a degree (still room for massive improvement). Goal scoring had been the missing ingredient – we should be climbing up the table now, but no. We have suddenly forgotten the art of defending.

So frustrating and I can see fingers beginning to point at our rookie, lets not forget that, manager.

County lined up like this;

Glennon, Holden, O’Donnell, Bounab, Edwards, Jon Nolan, Sheridan, Miles, Chadwick, Elliott, Paton

On the bench were Ormson, Blackburn, McCann, German and Whitehead.

So we were missing Piergianni who is becoming an absolute key player for us in defence. Remember too we also were without Fraughan, Rowe’s,Routledge and McConville. It is almost half our strongest XI.

Also our style of football although not incisive enough is at least half-decent to watch in the middle third of the park.

Last night though our defending cost us. Apart from their winner I thought Glennon was at fault for at least one of the goals, punching a ball out tamely which led to their third. Overall our back line also seemed to be too slow and poorly positioned.

The BBC stats say Darlo had 5 efforts on target and scored 4.

Oh, and I think our gate of 2,671 was the lowest since 1991.

All out of positives now. Two wins from 15 games. Three points above the bottom four. Leaders Wrexham away on Saturday.

Trying hard to keep faith and courage. Please leave your comments below. I think there is a swear filter installed…


13 Replies to “Stockport County 3 Darlington 4”

  • USELESS! throw away a lead twice!!!! am really fed up missed pergianni at back no reaction to second ball in defence USELESS

  • I f we scored 6 they would have got 7, there really cannot be many worse sides than Darlington in the BSP and we still get beat, noticed Gannon in the Main Stand !!1 why does he still come to this club when he has had numerous chances tomanage them since admin…………we are in serious danger of oblivion and it really is shocking to witness, someone needs to have a word in Didi’s shell that pretty football in this league will get you nothing

  • Didi and Mc Stay just don’t have a clue, 1 point from 5 Home Games !!! Sorry but you’ve got to go, we don’t have an A Plan let alone a B Plan. 2600 at EP last night will be more like 2000 for next home game. I for one would have Gannon back tomorrow for all his faults at least we had some good times, this is dire.
    How much more of this have we got to take before someone has the balls to change things. I agree with you edgeley we in serious
    danger of disappearing altogether with this shower in charge of our Club.

  • So disappointed, think that’s one point at home in five games – shocking really. We couldn’t hit a barn door at the beginning of the season and had a solid defence, now it’s the opposite! Don’t think at least six of the players are up for Conference football and Didi’s tactical ineptitude is shining through. Also disappointed with the crowd last night with only just over 2000 turning out. Gutted.

  • I may feel better about things tomorrow so I will keep my full blast of criticism tempered. I am also boiling up about matters off the pitch which I think are even worse than matters on it. That for another day.

  • Is it true Lord Snape turned up to watch? Is it also true Tony Evans continues to attend games and was sitting with Jim Gannon last night?
    Only going of what I heard so could be poppycock.

  • Yes Gannon and Evens were in the stands, Evens has some money by all accounts and he seems keen on SCFC but it seems that the boat keeps letting more amd more water in…..sinking slowly.

  • Sorry edgeley, it’s not sinking slowly, it’s plummetting to the deepest depths at a fast rate of knots!! We are three points off the bottom four after 15 games. If things don’t change dramatically in the next three/four games we will be in a relegation dog fight by Xmas.

  • Don’t know what to say, you guys have said it all. Was listening on Pure, blood pressure was up and down like a whoores drawers. Just w2here the hell do we go from here. Some while back I said it was too early for manager bashing but I’m now beginning to think you guys are right and I am wrong, Don’t know where I sit with the Gannon thing though

  • vicman, it’s not that I don’t like Didi – I mean who would have thought someone of his pedigree would even contemplate coming to County – but the football we are playing is dog***t. One minute we’re crap defensively, the next crap going forward, the next pretty good at both, the next back to dog***t. Players don’t seem to know their jobs, or at least what is expected of them. I just don’t know what Didi does now, it’s his squad, his players, he needs to get them playing as a team – there doesn’t seem to be any cohesion. I am worried. Sorry for going on and on and on, guess I’m just disappointed with where we are at – after such a whirlwind summer etc…………..

  • Yes another backward step. Didi needs to go back to basics. Hold the ball and play it forward, not this sideways game that we see at the moment. Play with 2 wide men and 2 decent fowards in the middle. Try and keep the same team week in week out, only change it for any injuries, and above all give some motivation from the touchline. I would like to see Ray Mathias back at the club to assist Didi, he seems to know this league and would help in trying to get the players motivated. I think Didi is lost in this league. Premiership type of footbal won’t work in this league, lots of teams have tried and failed that is why they are still in this league. I do hope he learns before it is to late.

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