Date: 27th October 2011 at 11:11am
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Jim Gannon with other County fans are about to launch (on November 5th) a bid to raise enough money to buy a controlling share in Stockport County Football Cub.

This is what is reported on the back page of this weeks Stockport Express (out now, only 50p and giving you the chance to vote for your superstar pet.)

Gannon calls for ‘each fan past and present’ to help build a future for SCFC.

There is little detail in the article but if the other rumoured consortia are not now stepping forward to buy out the current incumbents this would seem like ‘last chance saloon’ for the club.

There are many questions up in the air though.

Just what constitutes a controlling share? 51%, 75%?

How much would need to be raised and by when?

Just what would the fans be getting? No ground of course so how would the club exist going forward?

Could the ground be bought back from Cheshire Sports? And would the council care to help?

Is Jim a figurehead? Or one of the rank and file? If successful would Jim Gannon be involved at board level or at a managerial level of both?

I hope that the November 5th meeting answers these and other fans concerns and that most importantly all County fans become aware of what is being attempted so that they can decide whether to help.

As things stand, there are more questions than answers.

I’ll leave you with this


8 Replies to “Stockport County Fan Power?”

  • Isn’t it Tradition to Burn a Guy on the 5th November ? Just a thought, can’t blame me for wishing !!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Jim save us from this Lot.

  • “Please put a penny in the old man’s hat” – not this time! It may be the time to put those pennies in a jar marked SCFC Fighting Fund.

    As LGC points out, that gannon site is an interesting read. Any community club will need big council help I can’t help thinking.

  • Cropped looking at the picture at the top it seems that you are a man of means………How about a sub????? Any money contribution would be accepted with thanks.

  • Hmmm! Last chance saloon???. As much as I like the sound of this
    1, Will the current consortia let go of the reins
    2, Jim Gannon? as much as I know he loves our beloved club as cropped says in what capacity?
    3, Have we not been here before albeit different faces?
    Sorry to put a dampener on this but we’ve been p*ssed about so much over the last three years or so it’s hard to believe anything just now but I still believe

  • MA – I’d certainly be willing to put the amount pictured into the fund per week IF I understood what the aim was and IF I could be sure it wasnt going to end up as another ‘Ground For A Pound’ debacle.

    Vicman – I am deeply sceptical of all of this but equally am worried there will be no alternative. Oh… apart from being a good drinking buddy and not shy of going to the bar (if I say so myslef) in all other matters I am a very careful tight wad!

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