Date: 15th October 2011 at 4:17pm
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For those who are at Wrexham right now, I salute you.

For those who continue to listen to the second half, you’re better fans that I am. My radio is going off. Time to mow the lawn.

As I write Wrexham have popped in their third goal and apparently a number of County fans have left to go for a few beers in the pub next door to the ground.

It could have been 5-0 to Wrexham by 30 minutes into the game.

Will Didi be here come Monday?

And if you think this missive is depressing enough, what I may write mid-week subject to getting a couple of facts confirmed may scare the pants off all County fans.

The day where we all HAVE TO come together is close.

Truely a time for courage and a good deal of faith.


9 Replies to “Stockport County Shocking”

  • Awful, awful, awful. Not necessarily the result but the manner of it. £ off the line. Wrexham had a strong penalty turned down. It could have been 8 on another day.

  • Lord Snape speaks on Pure. Three (possibly four) groups interested in County. If none of them measure up there are contingencies in place to ensure we can carry on. A new chief exec may be appointed in a couple of weeks. As for on the pitch matters… if you listen to Lord Snape, does it sound like he is loading the gun? Monday meeting with Didi. Lord Snape will be expressing how unacceptable todays perfomance was. “Do you back Didi?” was one question… did he say he did bab Didi… did he flip! For once, thanks Lord Snape for the timely and relevant communication. Spot on.

  • I expected we would get beat today but we were lucky to get away with 4. Bath away Tuesday. Lose that and Didi is toast. He may get the bullet or walk on Monday anyway. Down and down we go. Still, I will always be County, wear my colours and look down on the plastic Mancs in our town who ‘turn up’ to their local pub to ‘support’ their team. I know what kind of person I would like to be in the trenches with.

  • Was going to go to Wrexham but decided last minute not to, we had fond memories of the Racecourse when Dicko scored in the 93rd minute some years ago in the 9 game run so didn’t want to soil those memories.
    I dont listen to Pure Radio as cant stand listening to the guy who commentates

  • As an exciled supporter looking to get me passport past the watford gap, am always interested in comment here, was at darlo tuesday we looked all over the place with no one really looking to commit to the cause, no body seems to know what there role is in the side except for glennon. Not sure whether this has been the history of the season so far but definately needs sorting, as for Didi, the team playing as a unit should now be there regardless of injuries or off field difficulties for 90 minutes that should not matter one jot. Am the eternal optimist and will believe we can still recover so go to Bath City with a view to 3 points.

  • Let’s face it, club’s a mess. Boardroom don’t seem to be able to control the club, and they don’t seem capable of making the right decisions. We will be lucky to avoid relegation this season. We need a manager who’s passionate about the club, and there’s only really one man for the job – Jim Gannon, he won’t work with 2015 as he doesn’t trust them. Can’t blame him, I don’t trust them either. We have games against Bath, Forest Green and Hayes and Yeading on the horizon, failure to win these games would almost condemn us to relegation. Animo et Fide.

  • Boothy, glad we have fans like you. I try to be optimistic but the last few years are proving too much for me. If you go to Bath, hats off to you. They are a side we could beat but who knows what it going in behind the scenes. Maybe there are folk wanting to force Didi out? Irrespective, and like MAFSCFC says the club seems to be in a mess which ever way you turn. I make no apologies for saying this but the club is US. We are going to have to stick together, one and all as we may be the ones to keep the blue flag flying at the end of the day, in one shape or other.

  • As Peter Skellern sang “Where do we go from here?” Words for the 1st time as a County supporter fail me. When I don’t have anything positive to say I shut up, wife says she’s never known me so quiet in 35 yrs of marriage. I just don’t know any more. I find myself lurching towards the Gannon brigade as I honestly feel Didi is past his sell by date. A massive injection of passion is needed at our club and I have to say those running it and managing it have about as much passion as I had for my mother-in-law (sorry Dot). On a positive note (God forbid we need something) proudly spent all day strolling round Inverness in my County shirt (bloody freezing mind), one or two funny looks but I care not as County always have been and always will be my team. Welcome Boothy359 and MAFSCFC, nice to have you on board.

  • A sad day for County. One of the most inept perfromances that I can every remember – and I’ve seen a few! Didi has got it all wrong I’m afraid – zonal marking in the Conference – give me a break! The youngsters in my local pub could have put up a better display on Saturday. Was delighted when Didi turned up at County with what seemed to be a plan to push us back into the football league. Unfortunately football is a results based game and if Didi does manage to survive his board meeting today, then I recon if we’re in the bottom four in the next couple of weeks he’ll be gone. Ray Mathias anyone?

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