Date: 16th December 2007 at 6:54pm
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As football fans, we boo and jeer opposition players. We love our own players. Thats the way it works.

But for young talented Watford midfielder Al Bangura, Watford and Plymouth fans came together in yesterdays game with signs saying ‘He is Family.’ Bangura was moved to tears as fans from both teams joined as one at half time to support him with signs and cards.

Bangura, originating from Sierra Leone, fled his hometown ‘Freetown’ after his father died and rules in his fathers Society say he must also die if his dad does. En route to Guinea, he met a man who intended to prostitue Bangura.

‘Ally’ escaped it all, and was discovered by Watford. He impressed and made his debut against Stoke. His life was getting back on track and he signed a contract to 2010.

Then his life yet again started to worsen. He is being forced into deportation back to Sierra Leone. He appealed in November, but on the 11th of this month, his appeal was rejected and there seemed no way out.

But a petition has been set up and about 6000 names have already been signed.

Speaking at half-time yesterday, Bangura said:

“I want to thank everyone at Watford and Plymouth for their support.”

“You are my family and I’m so thankful to you all. Everyone has been so wonderful to me, the club, the fans and Claire Ward (local MP.)”

Click here to sign and spread it as far and wide as you can. Support this young talent and don’t let England lose him.