Date: 9th June 2014 at 11:48am
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[Ian Brown of Help The Hatters write… ]

The sun will shine tomorrow!

It will………it will….so conditions should be ideal for Working Party 4 at Edgeley Park.

The tasks set for tomorrow night include continuing to paint the Danny Bergara Stand, gangways, walkway and disabled section, and possibly the walls in the interior of the stand adjacent to the dressing rooms.

Work sprucing up the Railway End preparing this for painting, and similar on the Pop Side,also will continue, and gives us a decent card of `stuff’ to be getting on with.

Work commences at 18.30, and once again I appeal to supporters to join the Working Party and thus ensure this vital work is done in the short time available to us.

We had 24 on site last week, not counting Alan Lord………. can we better this number? It`s up to you!

IO County!

Ian Brown


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  • I wish I had a tenth of the ‘get-up-and-go’ and optimism of these Help The Hatters folk. In-growing toe-nail surgery is my genuine excuse!

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