Date: 27th November 2011 at 12:08am
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The ‘Twelfth Men` were well untruly back with 4500+at Edgeley park with the high expectation of the ‘legends` return to County in a game against high flying Southport. With the chorus of ‘Jimmy Gannon`s Blue n White Army` serenading around Edgeley Park as the players entered the pitch it seemed a perfect day for county to finally beat the odds and beat a high flying team.

County started with Halstead, Halls O`Donnell, Bounab, Holden, McConville, Nolan, Blackburn, Paton, Elliot and Elliot. The team facing Southport saw three changes from last weeks team that lost at table topping Fleetwood with Halstead staying in the side through the injury of Matt Glennon.

After only five minutes the referee turned into what seemed to be County`s best friend as what can only be described as a gift to County through the sending off of Southport midfielder Shaun Whalley for a professional foul on county keeper Halstead. With County having a one man advantage the atmosphere around the ground became one of the past with the echoing of ‘There is only one Jimbo`

This upbeat atmosphere was soon dampened half way through the first half with County`s passing football getting increasingly frustrating with no more than three passes being complete before loosing the ball to 10 man Southport. With the Blue and White army knocking up 65% of the possession by half time this did not seem to be enough to get past a passionate Southport side, with the two teams going in at half time with the score at 0-0.

The second half started with a County substitution with Michael Paton as he seemed to struggle to make any impact in the first half therefore Paton made way for County`s new boy Aaron Cole. With Brown only on the pitch a matter of seconds he showed signs of what could be a wonder sub through his first touch skinning two Southport players before putting a wonderful floating ball in front of Antonio German who could not find the net.

The County fans frustration could soon be heard around Edgeley Park with the expectations of Jim`s boys evidently being too much for them to handle. Jim joined the County fans with his frustration as he looked shocked at what was happening on the field in front of him, with misleading passing and ill positioning leading to Southport becoming more and more threatening.

With the County players looking some what dilapidated on the 74th minute Southport took the lead through Karl Ledsham after a goalkeeping howler from on loan keeper Halstead with a simple shot going through his legs and into the back of the Stockport net.

With the look of shock on the players and fans faces after somewhat the worst goalkeeping blunder I have ever seen a uphill battle faced the county boys with a quarter of the game still to be played. With Jim wanting a result against 10 man Southport he dealt he played a ace through the introduction of veteran striker Martin Gritton as he replaced Andy Halls, following this substitution ‘The Ghosts` men played a 3-4-3 formation in order to try and regain something from the game. Despite the attacking change County`s afternoon seemed to go even more down hill as the players looked more and more helpless the fans frustration was heard.

With 85 minutes played Southport should have made it 2-0 and put the game out of reach of the Hatters through a counter attack that saw Southport`s goal scorer Karl Ledsham missing a open net.

As the final whistle was blown a crackle of boo`s were heard around Edgeley Park. In the post match interview Jim made his opinion of the teams efforts very clear through throwing a diplomacy brick in the faces of what County call professional a professional football team with the Footballing director clearly stating that he knows who wants to play for the club through their performances on the pitch and that he would be more than prepared to turn to the youth in the team if it was needed.

In my opinion County need to toughen up before a hard away trip to Grimsby on Tuesday night, if County loose on Tuesday they face danger of dropping into the relegation zone for the first time this season and facing a relegation battle something of which we are already in. Maybe through the introduction of youth players into the squad like Cameron Darkwar and Danny Whitehead might help the squad as from the performance seen by the County following today was abysmal after not looking like they could find the net through their current strike force. The biggest asset to the team currently is Matt Glennon and his injury has defiantly hurt the team with his return vital as the covering goalkeeper Halsted`s mistake costing County the game today.

Onwards and upwards is all we can say but I have a feeling like many others that the second half of the season will be a very long one.


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  • These players are not good enough simple as that !!!! I watched the on loan keeper warming up in the Fleetwood game and goodness me did he look dodgy on crosses !!!! the first Fleetwood goal was right down his throat ang he let it pass him , he is poor at best and no better than a Sunday league keeper but on sayng the !!!! the standard of football in this league is not much better than Sunday football.
    Southport looked a nothing team to me and so did Fleetwood yet they turn us over (all be it to a howler from our keeper) I do believe we will stay up but goodness me we need a striker!!!!!

  • I have changed my mind. I thought our players were good enough for this league but not any more. German and Elliott take about 4 touches to control the ball and cannot turn a defender. Not good enough. Keeper… you said it all Edgeley. Paton, think he may have played his last game under Jim. Agree Edgeley, we WILL stay up but it is going to be a right scrap.

  • well the atmosphere was there, but the players didnt turn up, that was the worst display of passing and control(ha!) especially from the forwards – german in particular was useless the girl who took part in the crossbar challenge showed more skill. and one other thing how come other teams take throw ins and it goes to a team member we take one and give it them straight back! as for the rest of the season, be afraid, be very afraid.

  • The palyers that are here at the moment just haven’t got the stomach for the fight under Jim. A clear out needs to happen, anyone not pulling their weight needs to be shipped out asap. When the transfer window opens again in January lets hope that money is available for some new blood that will make a fight of it for the rest of this season which would enable us to avoid relegation.

  • Just kistened to Jimbo post match comments on County Player…. FANTASTIN at last a manager with ball’s (but we new that already didn’t we) Jim said it all …. he said he was embarrassed and rightly so
    , I have been embarrassed for the longest time watching nothing teams come here and beat us……..our players are NOT GOOD ENOUGH, they are, as Jim says “social loafers” and they are nit fit to wear the shirt of this once proud football club. Jim will turn it round but it might take a little longer this time but he will do it because he doesn’t suffer fools and he can see (like we can) that these players do NOT appear care about this club or it’s history…they show that through their inept performances week in week out

  • Even the dross we watched last season was better than what we saw on Saturday. We are missing the heart, desire and determination throughout the squad. At least last year we had the likes of Wallace, Husband, Paterson, Demontagnac to give us some level of performance and skill – now we have a make shift bunch of below average players who just haven’t got a clue. Jim needs to get his head down and try to bring in (back?) the sort of players that want to play for County and are a ‘fit’ for our club. Good bye to German, Elliot, Paton, Nolan et al just not good enough for County. (and in reality we don’t really want that much!!).

  • Sorry guys but after listening to that drivel on PureFM on Saturday I’m glad I stayed up here in the snow, (sympathies to those who went) supping my whisky.

  • Hey vicman, hope you enjoyed your whisky! I am taking my flask for the next game I go to (may give Gateshead a miss) and there will be some malt in there!

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