Date: 9th March 2011 at 5:14pm
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County went down 3-0 at Accrington Stanley tonight with an absolutely woeful showing in front of over 500 County fans, but the bigger issue was soon to follow.

As we stood in the open terrace at Accrington pre-match, watching the players do their warm-ups, news began to filter through to the away fans that there may have been a change in manager prior to the match.

The team-sheet and match programme at the Crown Ground listed Ray Mathias as the first-team manager as opposed to our current caretaker manager Peter Ward. Ward, Mathias and Alan Lord were all present on the sideline during the match.

The 90 minutes which followed were abysmal and almost confirmed our relegation to non-league, but the more pressing matter soon exploded between the Hatters fans.

It soon became clear what had happened and what was happening during our drubbing at the hands of the home side.

A progress meeting was organised on Monday with the board of directors, Peter Ward, Lord and Mathias.

Pure FM report that at the meeting, two directors took it on themselves to tell Ward that it wasn’t working out – Ward and Lord then point-blank refused to take the team to Accrington on the Tuesday.

It appears that Mathias was then offered the job of caretaker manager there and then, but he turned it down on the spot.

There was then no manager or backroom staff (other than Rodger Wylde) to take the team to the Crown Ground.

The three of them eventually calmed down and agreed to take charge of the side ‘out of loyalty’ to The Gibbons, who are supportive of Ward as manager.

Although they took the side last night, it seems that Ward and Lord will leave Edgeley Park this week, and Mathias will again be offered the job.

Whether he decides to take it or not is a different matter.

If the above story appears hazy and vague, then that’s because it is! I have no clue what the board are doing to our club, but it is downright amateur and unprofessional.


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  • Not really surprised when what is going on behind the scenes is obliterating the football, a change of manager is not needed get rid of the directors who are only in it for the money (greedy Bast*rds)

  • What a shocking state this club is in if it wasn’t so sad and serious it would be laughable, goodness me it really is a sorry situation, where is the takeover guy? or is he another Melrose ? timewaster. I think back 5 years to the “five year plan” which was reference to us being a championship side in 5 years when in reality we are going to be a conference team (if we are lucky) in that same period of time. So so sad to see the downfall of our once FANTASTIC club…thank you Mr Elwood for nothing.

  • Agree with all of those comments. I know some contributors to this website will say that we shouldnt place any criticism on the current owners because “they saved us” but their actions are totally amateurish in the least. A new manager should have appointed immediatly after Simpson was sacked to bring some stability instead of leaving Wardy in limbo and the team wiyhout a permanant leader. And then on the eve of an important game to start squabbling amongst themselves is both laughable and infantile – the club I am afraid is a laughing stock. Its going to be a case of rebuilding from the bottom up next season in the Conference or the club will fold.

  • Rylester – I think the word you used summed it up perfectly – ‘Amateurish’. Yes, maybe without The Gibbons the club could have gone – but what experience and knowledge did they have in running a football club? A football club as business, is not like running a normal business! The whole amaterish attitude is now rife through the club and this is why we MAY go down. Get it right at the top and you’ll get it right on the pitch!

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