Date: 10th March 2009 at 7:35am
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An interesting article hit my inbox yesterday. Could Jim Gannon do more to help the club in this dark hour?

This was sent in by ‘BT’ and reads as a concerned outsider looking in. BT picks up on my resume of the recent Trust forum.


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I have read your resume of the meeting last Thursday. Clearly the Chairman of the Trust should have been able to put before the meeting the exact figures relating to the projected income from gate receipts and League money for the rest of the season , cash at the bank , and the exact amounts owed to creditors and identify the creditors. Who are the Directors to whom money is owed.? Are they currently on the Board or former Directors. In either case there must be terms of repayment not disclosed to the meeting.

Do you realise why you do not get any publicity from Sky or feature in a live Sky TV match for which you would get approx £50k. Although Jim Gannon continues to excel as a Manager he has let the Club down due to his spat with Customer Services at Sky over his sky dish/subscription at his home. He will not speak to Sky.The Chairman should speak to him about this.

The 4 yr season ticket sale is a good idea but the unexpired years after 1 year will have to be shown in the accounts as a contingent liability unless regarded as a donation/purchase.

If as you say the club has no assets – players do not show on the balance sheet although they represent value if they can be sold- administration does not seem to be an option. There must also be the day to day expenses- rent, rates, electric phones cars petrol insurance kit away travel etc. There must be some creditors amongst these local suppliers who are pressing for payment. Why was this not mentioned at the meeting? A detailed business plan should be presented before asking the supporters to donate their hard earned cash (particularly these days of credit crunch ) I do not think from reading your article that the Trust members have been given the full and accurate picture.

Best of luck to you all. You have some of the most loyal fans in football.


Thought provoking stuff from BT. I am led to believe that some figures on the Trust board believe that Jim’s cut of transfer fees is just too much to take and that if Jim walked away then that would not be a disaster. Personally, I find that sort of thinking hard to understand.

However the Sky spat, as BT has pointed out, does seem to be causing pain to the club. Any Sky engineers out there who can get round to Jim’s gaff and help Jim and the club? I think most of us see this as a great shame, but that is Mr Gannon, man of steel and, for better or worse, he is true to his principles.

BT’s comments about the detail of our debts are very valid. To remind everyone again there is a County Crisis Forum, sponsored by the Supporters Club (so both Trust AND non Trust members are welcome) this Thursday (12th March) [Insider Suite – Edgeley Park] from 7.30pm onwards.

I think some of BT’s questions will be addressed.

So, thanks again to BT for his thoughts. As ever stockport @ is where you can send your thoughts and I will publish all points of view as long as there are no potential legal issues.

If you want to write match previews, match reports please contact me.

If you have any County related news (fund raising initiatives, away travel information etc) or just light hearted gossip – and my goodness we need that now – then please contact me.

Anyway I am looking forward to tonights game against the Poolies. 7:45, get yourself down to EP, buy a half-time draw ticket, buy a match programme and shout yourself hoarse!

Come On County!!!

Ol’ Pop


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  • Maybe Jim could kiss and make up with Sky but I can forgive him on this one. Just cast your minds back to Macc 6 County 0 and then reflect a while.

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