Date: 11th May 2011 at 7:19pm
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Power-mad Mary Gibbons claims she won’t be forced out of the club by ‘a small group of idiots’ who want the chairwoman to resign and leave the club.

A protest was staged and the last match of the season was halted on Saturday by a group of 40 people, although that group focussed their efforts more on Brian Kennedy – though chants from the Cheadle End were clearly aimed at the owners.

Gibbons claims she has been the victim of death threats, though bizzarely the threats weren’t sent directly to her, but the stewards of the club. Hmm, Bit odd. I want to send a death threat to Brian Kennedy, do I send it to the Sale Sharks winger?

“The police rang me on Friday to tell me there was trouble planned and I was the target.”

“They told me they thought the directors box would be stormed after the game and that they had to take it seriously.”

“I haven’t received anything personally like a letter but the stewards told me there had been death threats.”

Very convincing Mary.

She went on:

“I’m a fighter. They’re not going to get rid of me that easily.”

“I’ve had things shouted at me across the car park but it’s just a small group of idiots.”

“I have given a year of my life and a lot of money to Stockport County and they don’t understand what it takes.”

“It doesn’t scare me, it just makes me very, very angry.”


Keep your head in the sand Mrs Gibbons. And pretty soon, that ‘small group of idiots’ will have grown to a considerably larger group of, erm…paying customers.


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  • I agree vicman….what the hell is going on with society today???!!! what with Neil Lennon having letter bombs sent to him then being attacked at last nights game while on the touchline then hearing all this nonsense directed at Mary Gibbons goodness me STOP IT!!!.
    Withour Mary we wouldn’t have a club, ok she has made mistakes but who the hell hasn’t??!!! looking for a scapegoat is typical of us Brits! always looking for someone to bash someone to blame lets stay together and hope Kennedy goes to Salford and get behing our board and our club to go forward.

  • Come on chaps, massive difference between the likes of Lennon receiving parcel bombs and being attacked on the pitch, and then Mary Gibbons. Don’t tell me you actually believe these ‘death threats.’ If I was going to send her a death threat, why would I send it to a steward to pass it on to her? I’m not an expert in threats but it sounds a bit fishy to me. Sounds very convenient as well.

  • Thankyou edgeley – without Mary Gibbons et al. all of us really would have nothing to moan about!

    Remember – Mary is JUST the only one of the group who has the balls to stand up and be counted in the face of the media – there are alot more people behind the scenes!! – none of them are russian billionaires – just local business people who are working as hard as possible to keep this club we all love alive!

    Do any of the ‘Idiots’ want to risk any of their own personal cash and put it into the club – I dont think so!!!

    Until someone with some real cash comes to the club we should back the tireless and thankless task the 2015 group are putting in. Otherwise go and join the glory hunters and billlionaire foreigners at city

  • scfcsam…the guy who was rugby tackled by the policeman as he was running towards Mary looked extemely aggressive and resembled the same nutcase who ran towards Lennon, he was shouting abusive language and it was directed personally at Mary, we are in this position because of things going on way before Mary arrived on the scene. if comments and death threats are being banded about in the direction of Mary Gibbons then this is TOTALLY UNEXCEPTABLE in EVERY WAY.
    Elwood sold Edgeley Park not Mary Gibbons she is doing her best to keep the club alive!! yes she has made mistakes and will probably make some more but there again so will I, funny really that I still make mistakes after all these years buy there it is.
    Parcel Bombs, death threats, physical attacks on managers beggars belief to me for goodness sake.!!!!

  • All I believe is that Mary is out of her depth running the club.

    She got what she coveted for years and I do not think she will let go easily. I have next to no confidence in her but what are the other shareholders doing? They have experience in business and experience in making money from business and they could remove Mary from her position and appoint someone else.

    So why aren’t they? We are missing something here folks, sure we are.

    Also this death threat thing… personally I am not sure if it ever happened but there is too much vitriol and hate towards Mary in any case.So,we are stuck with her unless someone comes in with money to buy 2015 out… and that may well not happen.

    If you look up and down the Football league loads of clubs are run by egotistical types. Me first, the club second. We have who we have now, and with no one to step in all we can do is endure the ride. It’s crap but thats all I expect from County now. What the CEO chap Shaw thinks of all this I can only wonder. Would not be surprised to see him walk. ST renewal next season…. not at the moment. No faith and no courage to buy one at the moment. So Mary… your challenge is to give me some hope. Where is the ‘big news’ for County fans we were promised by the Council and Tony Gibbons? Suspect it will be Sale are moving out. Fine, but where do we get the money to pay the rent to cover them? Will Kennedy subsidise us or will he pass the buck to the Countil.

    As it stands we are still looking into a very dark future.

  • Edgeley/Tippers – you are spot on – and I’ve said it before; investing in our beloved County is not an attractive proposition. Mary may be out of her depth, but she is losing money to help save our club – so until someone else is prepared to put up some money – then she has the right to run the club. Hopefully by surrounding herself and appointing people like Graham Shaw, then she will get the guidance she needs to steer the club back to where it belongs.

    I didn’t win the Euro millions unfortunately, but have started digging in my back garden – so when I hit oil…

  • Some of you moaners and groaners shaould be careful what you wish for. I remember the Rushden fans slagging their chairman who had ploughed millions into the club to take them from being a sunday league team to the third tier. In the end he just said enough is enough and walked away, look where they are now. Similarly the Charlton fans got what they wanted, Curbishly out. Hav’nt they done well?? Its not her fault we are in this mess. I agree totally with Edgeley and do the majority of TRUE County Fans. Without Mary Gibbons there would not be a Stockport County.

  • Although NE, for a bit of balance, the Gibbons are very much minority shareholders. They are not the money. They did not save County – that was down to the silent, invisible (some non County fans) board members. What are they doing? True enough Mary is running things (very poorly but when did we last have a good owner?) for little or no money but my worry is that she will be happy as long as she has what she wanted even if we are playing in Evo-Stick League 9. True enough though, until there is an offer to takeover we have Hobsons choice. So, without the Gibbons we woud still be afloat – but maybe with another patsy to take the flack.

  • Blimey! as far as I can see the board are the ones who got the money together in the nick of time to save county -shame they didnt seem to have a plan b in case Jim Gannon said no – but they put up the cash and I am sure as anything they are not making money hand over fist, but they are the board….for now again I mention what mr claridge let slip on the football leagus show and the board let us know some days after there is interest from people so if thats still on then get it over with and lets get on with it. I will be there whatever.

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