Date: 2nd November 2011 at 2:37pm
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It is not exactly the fixture we have all been waiting for but nevertheless for me and I suspect a lot of County fans, this really is a must-win game.

Must win because most of us at Edgeley Park are at our wits-end with the seemingly never-ending stream of disappointments.

Must win because it is 3 wins from 18 games this season and talk of relegation battle is once again being uttered.

Must win because for many it is the managers last chance to evolve the playing style and give us something other than utter dross.

And finally must win because, and I know it is 11 v 11 on the day but frankly, the team we are playing must be the smallest club ever to face up to the might (sic) of Stockport County in a league fixture.

Just who are Hayes and Yeading United?

Well, this club came about with the merger of the Hayes and Yeading football clubs way back in May 2007. There is often talk about clubs punching above their weight but these guys are really doing very well, playing in front of an average crowd of about 400 somewhere in West London.

Will we see the lowest attendance from away fans for a Saturday afternoon fixture I wonder? It is a new competition I am tempted to play to keep myself interested these days.

More importantly will Hamann play with a conventional front two? What has happened to Martin Gritton these days? A big guy, wearing the number 9 shirt, never prolific but surely worth a try alongside Chadwick or German in a traditional 4-4-2? Get the ball into the box, lump it, hoof it or, here’s a thought, get behind the defence and cross it but please no more of this keep possession in non-dangerous areas before it breaks down. Repeat until fade.

So, prediction time. I just cannot predict a loss. Not at home to H + Y Utd.

I can however predict a 1-0 win. Not enough to give me any confidence but giving the manager a little bit of breathing space.

A+F folks.

Oh, for anyone going to the game there is the big YTYT (Your Town Your Team) meeting where I think Mr Jim Gannon will be top table with some other vocal fans. Meeting starts at 17:00 at the Insider Suite which is under the Cheadle End and accessed from the car park. More details of the meeting here

Further bedtime reading about H+Y here


11 Replies to “Stockport County v Hayes + Yeading Utd”

  • I agree Pato. Win and he gives himself a small amount of time. Anything else and we may be looking for a new gaffer.

  • … like to add I shall be giving him 100% support until the final whistle. I sit not too far from the dugout so he will hear me – hope it is applause at 90 minutes he gets and not a chorus of boos.

  • I think he will stay but seriously needs to change the playing style, as I’ve said before sexy football doesn’t work at this level. Direct and forward not fancy and clever. Come on the County.

  • anything other than a win on saturday and we’re screwed – I am with vicman on this get the ball in the box, stuff the crisp passing, ha! give chadwick the kind of ball play he needs, its been said before playing people out of position has never worked even at england level so stop di***ng about and get stuck in!!!! lets hope the journey is not delayed – I need to leave EP without looking at the smug faces of the away supporter(s) as they leave stockport with an undeserved 1 nil win COME ON COUNTY

  • My feelings are very much torn in two. On the one hand I am desperate for us to win. One the other hand I want didi out. That will only happen if we dont get results!!!!!!!!!!. This man is responsible for the drastic decline in fans through the turnstile which has cost us a fortune in lost revenue. He is not the man for County, he has to go, he’s like a blind stag – no idea

  • We’ve blind staggies up here, difference is they are top of their league. (With apologies to Ross County)

  • Good local info Vicman. What’s yer nearest distillery.. would it be a Speyside one? Anyway, the official site has come out with some stuff… a boardroom update,,10419~2506308,00.html but after half a bottle of red and a couple of stiff Glen Livets I cant be bother writing anything until tomorrow am. As ever many more questions than answers.

  • Aye cropped, nearest would be Glen Ord about 6 miles from the front door. If you’re interested try this website www,, doesn’t cover a tenth of what we have up here but a good starting point, enjoy

  • Disgraceful, disgusting, pathetic, etc etc – Go now Haman and take this Board of total Shiseters with you – that includes you Mr Snape!

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