Date: 18th May 2011 at 3:08pm
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Relief. Mary Gibbons today tendered her resignation after an ongoing, quite bitter feud with a section of the County support.

Gibbons, ‘acting chairwoman’, released a statement on behalf of herself and husband Tony, who has also resigned as a Director, today stating that she was issuing their resignation with ‘considerable regret, and with immediate effect.’

This statement, issued at 1.50pm on Wednesday, 18th May, 2011, will be presented to all Stockport County shareholders at 2pm before the start of the shareholders meeting.

It is with considerable regret and sadness that I have decided to resign my position of vice chair lady of Stockport County, with immediate effect. I have, along with my husband Tony, also resigned as a director of Stockport County with immediate effect.

We would like to thank all those supporters who have loyally backed our club during this particularly difficult season. Relegation has broken all our hearts; we share the anguish it has caused – not only for the fans but also for all those wonderful people who work so tirelessly behind the scenes. We particularly thank them for their loyalty.

County’s future now rests with the other board members, who we urge to act in the best interests of the club at all times.

We are fully aware of on-going discussions that we believe will secure the club’s future and provide an exciting foundation on which to rebuild County. We urge the current board and shareholders to do everything in their power to bring these discussions to a positive conclusion. Tony and I will remain County fans, and look forward to being able to watch the club we love prosper in the coming years. It has been a privilege to work for such a wonderful club and it will remain an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with our wonderful fans next season.

Mary Gibbons

One does have to say…finally. The tension between the supporters and the Gibbons’ was becoming somewhat personal and angry over the 2015 Consortium’s error-prone tenure in charge of The Hatters, and she appears to have listened and gone on her own terms.

Vital Stockport ourselves have been critical of the ownership, and I make no apology for wanting the best for our club – but I’m glad she has gone on her own terms, and I sincerely hope we see both Mary and Tony back at the ground as fans next season.

But in terms of running the football club, I think it’s safe to say we’ve had enough ‘well-meaning amateurs.’ Let’s do this properly, appoint a good (ex) manager, and build from the bottom. Our problems are not over, by a long way. But let’s give ourselves a chance.



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  • Vicman I understand that Newall has been for a 2nd interview today. I also heard that whoever they pick will be announced on Monday. I still can’t get my head around why we are getting a manager before we have got new blood on the board. It seems arse about face to me.

  • Mike Newall? MIKE NEWALL ! Wow. Where did that come from. We talk about Jims appointment as high risk but I think the same applies to Mr Newall. As MA says what about the new owners… does this mean we aren’t getting any? At least it’s not dull being a County fan at the moment.

  • Yes does seem strange appointing a manager then a board but as MH says life isn’t dull being a County fan it’s just frustarating and filled with disappointment at the moment!!!
    Wondering when all the announcements about the future of the club are going to happen that we aere told about some months ago?

  • I thought we there was to be an announcement last week. A big announcement. Was it going to be Sale slinging their ‘ook? Was it a new owner or owners coming in ? We only get snippets from this lot and even then half the time these prove inaccurate. Still a long, long, long way to go before I see County as a functioning football club again.

  • You just couldn’t write half the stuff that’s happening just now, if we’d have been at last weeks soap awards we’d have won the award for “What Happens Next” hands down. My question is which one of the faceless wonders would have the neck to collect the award?.

  • News from sky sports website

    Stockport have started releasing players from the squad that were relegated from the Football League this season.

    Defender Jordan Rose and striker Tom Fisher both announced that they were leaving via the social networking site Twitter.

    Rose posted: “I have been released. Thanks for all the messages, wish you all the best for the future.”

    He then admitted he had ‘no idea’ who made the decision not to renew his contract with the club having no manager following the dismissal of Paul Simpson in January and with chairwoman Mary Gibbons resigning earlier this week.

    Stockport currently have just three players with contracts that run beyond the summer, with the likes of Greg Tansey and Paul Turnbull expected to attract interest from Football League clubs.

    The Hatters are not expected to name their new boss until next week.

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