Date: 1st August 2011 at 12:44pm
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Director Tony Evans is asking fans which striker they would prefer the club to sign, if there was a choice.

The players in question are two well-known names to County fans – Jamie Vardy of Halifax, and George Donnelly of Fleetwood Town.

Evans seems keen to gauge the general view, and so we thought we’d help out with a new poll on Vital Stockport asking the same question.

Check down the right-hand side of the Vital Stockport homepage and make sure to vote for your preference.


29 Replies to “New Poll – Vardy or Donnelly?”

  • BOTH! haha. I’d rather take Donnelly to be fair but if Vardy’s cheaper and can do the same job I’ll take him. I don’t know much about Vardy so I think this post isn’t worthwhile haha.

  • Unbelievable – no Matt Paterson??? Come on get Paterson’s name on the poll – then we can convince him to come back!

  • Donnelly played well and scored some goals but he ‘dried up’ after a few games. Spoilt for choice on this one but with the right player giving him good service I’d give Donnelly another chance.

  • Oh yeah why isn’t Paterson on the list. We’re signing loads of free agent strikers who are bull**** and not signing the cheapo’s that would be good for us.

  • Vardy for me – he seems more prolific at this level. Thought Donnelly was so-so for us (but he was putting himself int he shop window) – can’t seem to do it now that he’s a fleetwood with a contract! @Kremb, Dicko was just a flash in the pan (a la Tony Hanckock). Paterson – I liked, but I couldn’t see him getting 20 -25 goals in a season.

  • @iowecounty I would still take Dickinson though. He’s got all the standards to hit goals in League One but I don’t know what’s up with him. I got a feeling he’s homesick from Stockport but he doesn’t know that.

  • I would take Elding as Rochdale want to get rid of him on the cheap and he recently turned down Plymouth because it didn’t feel right. What does feel right is him at Stockport and despite his poor loan last season he will smash the goals in for us in the BSP and bring confidence back to him for League 2. That’s what he did at Boston before we snapped him up. His heart and his decision is this way too, as he said last season on one of the podcasts “i love the club, im almost crying im so happy to of scored and be back here, the fans are great” etc.

  • @iowecounty When you said Donnelly was putting himself in the shop window did you mean while he was at us or he’s doing it at Fleetwood to leave? Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • Vardy just on his goal scoring record at this level, but I would not turn Donnelly down if he wanted to come back. Dickinson can run & jump for me, A player that thought he was bigger & better than my beloved County is not fit to put the shirt back on now it has not worked out for him. Elding I think may do a job at this level so I would have him as back up.

  • Wot ? No Peter Thompson, County’s No. ? Oh… yep, you may have a point. Donnelly for me – not too well up on this Vardy fella.

  • Dickinson has now signed for Southend. Can’t understand why league 1 club are taking risk on him given his recent form but good luck to him. He was awesome in our promotion season

  • Awww guess we can’t sign Dicko now. Elding anyone? Rochdale want to sell him on the cheap, this is the experience we need not Gritton. As for young I’m still putting my suggestion on Donnelly.

  • I was looking and the gallery v Accrington Stanley on the County website. What the heck was Adam Griffin doing there still? He hasn’t even got a club. Either way I hope we re-sign him as he’s a top loyal player to us and I would mind him back in Left Back, or maybe Left Wing if Rowe can play anywhere else.

  • Not surprised Rochdale want to get rid of Elding if indeed they do, the BSP will be tougher than we think I dont think there will be much difference between league two really. I think Mr Evans sould be asking Didi Hamman which striker HE wants rather than putting it over to the fans.

  • @edgeley Yeah I agree about the fans bit, although I can’t stop thinking its just for social interaction to make us feel like we’re doing a part in success or failure, then their is only ourselves to blame. I wouldn’t mind being manager though for £50 a week if we’re all doing the work as fans.

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